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How to fix two overlapping partitions

I have two partitions overlapping (see screenshot at: http://sgag.dyndns.org/partitions.jpg)
and I'm not knowledgeble enought to risk guessing how to fix it.
My guess would be to change the ending cylinder on partition 0+1 from "442" to "1022" or "1023".
Is that right or there's more to do ??


PS1: In your reply, please be specific about exactly to change (why not altering the jpg?)
PS2: In case you want to know how I got there, it came from when I uninstalled System Commander 2000 residing on a Win98se partition (the other partition was empty).
After then, I was getting a "Boot 1>," error message and the PC would hang there.
I managed to boot from a CD and did a FDISK/MBR to clean the MBR. After that, I could install an OS on partition 0+1 and I see data on partition 0-0 but cannot boot from it. (non-system disk or disk error)
I get to the screenshot where I can edit the partition table by trying to reinstall System Commander 2000.
1 Solution
Sounds good to change it to 1022, right now it's some kind of backwarded: starts on 892 goes down to 442...

As long as you don't access the 2nd drive I don't see any problems.

but starting from a boot CD oder floppy and run that program after changes made and a reboot would be safest.

sgagnemtlAuthor Commented:
What do you mean "As long as you don't access the 2nd drive I don't see any problems." ?
I want to be able to boot and access both partitions.
Right now, the partition I can boot fine is partition 0+1 (the 2nd drive?)
If you are able to access some of the data right now, I recommend that you back up any data that's important to you, because playing with the partition table can wipe out what you have if you do the wrong thing.

You should change the ending cylinder of the second partition to fix the overlap problem, as you suspect, but do you know how many cylinders the drive has?  That is the value you want to set.

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