Power light blinking yellow

I have a desktop computer (Dell) and the computer will not turn on.  The power button blinks yellow.  I read somewhere that that means there is a problem with a monitor connection but now can't find the article again.  I am using a gateway monitor.  All the cards are seated correctly and I tried a new power supply.  Still the same problem.
Any suggestions?
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmmmmm.... "power button blinks yellow" on the computer is ususlly:
power supply (already checked)
bad ram
bad video card
bad cpu
bad motherboard
bad harddrive

Fastest way to test is to unhook everything but the power supply and cpu and see if you get any beeps.
Then add one ram (one stick at a time if more than one). Beeps?
Then videocard. Beeps?
if the pc is an older type, then check the cmos battery too, it should read 3 V; if in doubt, replace it.
Thank you much.    : )

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