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How to monitor Unix network

Hi All

I have a HP-UX cluster ( os 11i ) when I load up gpm to monitor my server. Some times I see the network usage is very high. Is there any way that I can see who is the heavy user is and from what pc they are connection from and what the prosses is.

Many thanks for the help

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Assuming you're not running a web server, I guess the most obvious things to look at first are NFS usage (nfsstat) and FTP (ps -ef | grep ftp).  X displays & java will also generate a lot of network traffic. So you may be able to identify the culprits from the processes that are being run.

Network monitoring is more complex; You can get some tools from  the HP porting centre - http://hpux.connect.org.uk/ (or your nearest mirror site)
tcpdump-3.8.3 - A tool for network monitoring and data acquisition, and  
tcptrace-6.6.7      A TCP connection log analysis tool; Tcptrace takes a tcpdump file specified on the command line and produces a summary of the connections. It can create output suitable for throughput graphs, rtt sample graphs, time sequence graphs and more. It also has extensive connection filtering options.
Thanks for the points, Tazz - But did you manage to trace the problem?

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