How to monitor Unix network

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I have a HP-UX cluster ( os 11i ) when I load up gpm to monitor my server. Some times I see the network usage is very high. Is there any way that I can see who is the heavy user is and from what pc they are connection from and what the prosses is.

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Assuming you're not running a web server, I guess the most obvious things to look at first are NFS usage (nfsstat) and FTP (ps -ef | grep ftp).  X displays & java will also generate a lot of network traffic. So you may be able to identify the culprits from the processes that are being run.

Network monitoring is more complex; You can get some tools from  the HP porting centre - (or your nearest mirror site)
tcpdump-3.8.3 - A tool for network monitoring and data acquisition, and  
tcptrace-6.6.7      A TCP connection log analysis tool; Tcptrace takes a tcpdump file specified on the command line and produces a summary of the connections. It can create output suitable for throughput graphs, rtt sample graphs, time sequence graphs and more. It also has extensive connection filtering options.

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Thanks for the points, Tazz - But did you manage to trace the problem?
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