Scandisk hangs

Hi Folks,

   This is urgent as it is for handicapp friend of mine in which this is his only way of communicating.
 I have a Win98 machine and it is not networked etc.
What happens it this: when you turn it on, it wants to execute scandisk, and then scandisk hangs after completing 16% of it.
So it never finishes and never brings Win98 up.
I have tried some customizing in scandisk.ini file.
At one time, there was a disk doctor utility that you could execute in dos that would repair and FAT errors etc. But that was a long time ago.
Can anyone tell me how to fix this??
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nedvisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to boot into MS-DOS mode.
             As a first step DELETE scandisk.log file created by previous scandisk routine .It is in the root directory  ( command is :   del    c:\scandiks.log   )
             Then purge all temporary files in folowing folders:
c:\windows\temp           ( command is :  deltree /y    c:\windows\temp    )
c:\windows\applog         ( command is :  deltree /y    c:\windows\applog    )
c:\windows\tempora~\    ( command is :  deltree /y    c:\windows\tempora~1  )  
c:\temp ( if one exists)     ( command is :  deltree /y c:\temp   )
             then run    :    chkdsk
             then          :    scandisk c: /autofix  /nosave   /nosummary

Try to reboot into Windows 98 GUI. If you're getting scandisk at boot time :  press escape <esc> key once, and then the right arrow (  -> ) key followed by  <enter>  key  to force OS loader to skip  scandisk sequence .
Once you get into fully loaded GUI run  32-bit scandisk to perform thorough files system  test/repair.

You can also try these tools : test-disk  ->   

You should probably  edit  MSDOS.SYS  file to tell bootloader to skip scandisk routine test when bad Windows shutdownd was detected. It may look like this:

You have to change AutoScan=1  line to read:   AutoScan=0

If the problem persists it might be the sign of hard-disk failure .

good luck
Does it work if you run it in Safe Mode?  Just restart and then hit/tap the F8 key repeatedly (do this fast) until a menu shows up.  Choose Safe Mode.  Try running scandisk in there.  If scandisk runs before you can enter the menus, exit it by hitting the X key on your keyboard.
Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
Win 9X and ME Scandisk wont run (or restarts)

Run ScanDisk before running Defrag, to check your file system for errors which could turn perfectly good material into "lost clusters."

If you constantly have problems with ScanDisk not completing its run, try rebooting Windows in Safe mode and running ScanDisk from there (restart Windows, then press F8 when you see the words "Starting Windows 95" appear; with Win 98/ME, restart Windows and immediately press and hold the Ctrl key until the Startup menu appears). Chances are good that whatever program is interfering with ScanDisk won't load under Safe mode.


Many people have problems running ScanDisk and/or Defrag, with the program running 10% or 30% and then stalling. Often with a message that Windows is trying to write to the drive. To run ScanDisk/Defrag successfully:

Go to Start > Run and type msconfig in the Open: box
On the General tab, uncheck all items listed under Selective startup (make sure that Selective startup is selected)
Hit apply and OK and restart Windows
This starts Windows with only the basics running; Insures nothing will interfere with ScanDisk and Defrag
Run ScanDisk and Defrag, when ready go into msconfig and select Normal startup and restart Windows


Troubleshooting and Resource Guide for Windows 95/98/Millennium/XP: Maintaining Your PC

Problems running ScanDisk and Defrag

Why and How to Defragment Your Hard Drive Under Windows 95/98
Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

blue_zeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try scanning and defragging in Safe Mode and that will, probably, solve your problem.

You can also try the free ScanDefrag.

It is the most advanced disk maintenance program there is. It runs Disk Cleanup, ScanDisk, and Disk Defragmenter.

It's easy to setup and use, and it can deal with problems like "drive's contents have changed: restarting...".

Get it and read about all the options it has that you can use. It is a small download.

First configure Disk Cleanup (tick all options), then ScanDisk (as suggested by ScanDefrag) and at last Disk Drefagmenter.

Click RUN and let the process finish. If the HDD is as messy as it sounds, it may take a while to finish the 3 processes, but be patient, it will pay back.

You can even configure it to shutdown the PC after finishing. If you want to include a thorough scandisk, get it running at the end of the day, sleep well... check next morning.

Personally, I just skip the scandisk option.  normally let it run about twice a year.

What you can do is copy it to a floppy and run it in the dos mode.

To get around scan disk from running just hit 'enter' and then hit x.

Just go to windows\command copy scandisk to a floppy.
Next reboot your PC
Hit {F8} button rapidly until the dos screen appears
Go to C:\
Type a:
type scandisk

bearpawsAuthor Commented:
Because of the weather, I wasn't able to drive to the resthome. But I am going to today and I am very appreciative of all these suggestions.
So, when I get back, I will let all of you kind folks know the results.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Have you tried booting into Dos mode and running the scandisk in the dos mode?

Disregard my other message. I forgot to secure my head onto my shoulders the morning I wrote the note

bearpawsAuthor Commented:
Well Folks, here's the scoop.
    I could not execute msconfig in dos mode (wants windows to be running).
 The msdos.sys contained no parameters of Autoscan, in fact, it didn't have much in it. But it had filler to for it to 1248 size.
I deleted the scanlogs.
Tried to go into safe mode, and it kept executing scandisk and hanging.
I used the suggested DOS tools and the HD reported as good, not crosslinks etc.
And by the way, that was really niffy tool!! (
I had downloaded the OEM tools for the HD too and it reported the HD as good.
So, as bad as this is to do, I renamed tthe scandisk and the its .ini file.
Then, I could get into safe mode or regular mode.
But it's not right and I am returning today, Friday.
Although he has PN on it and it automatically updates, I am of the mind, that he may have a worm/virus compounding the issue with scandisk...
It is extremely slow and locks up when after awhile.
I am going to retry some of these suggestions today. And see ig any bogey-boos are lurking around...
And let you folks know how it goes. I really appreciate everyone's help.
I would also like you folks to know that by being so readily to help, you are also helping someone who can only raise their eyebrows, blink their eyes, and has just enough chin movement to move his chin boom that operates his computer, so he can communicate, e-mail etc. And he thanks you all too.


Hope we can do it!

I wish I could send a NDD.EXE ( Norton Disk Doctor) to you and to your client. If you can try to find Norton Utilities for MS-DOS and Windows nr. 3  or Norton System Works ( up to version 2000 ) CDs . The all have MS-DOS 16-bit mode and Windows 32-bit mode Norton disk doctor hard-disk test/repair tool. You can also look for Norton Utilities System floppies which also have NDD.EXE MS-DOS version on it. It must be available somwhere on Internet :)
Anyway , since you can boot to fully loaded Windows GUI  , run thorough scandisk and fix the FAT , directory structure and crosslinked files, long file name error etc.
From System Properties Device Manager select Hard-disk and make sure its configured to run in DMA ( Direct Memory Mode). Also make sure Windows is not running in comaptibility mode.
Go and review content of config.sys anmd autoexec.bat files. Remark all suspitious and 16-bit programs .
Make a Windows Registry backup and Windows Startup disk too. Just in case!
good luck

nedvisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh , BTW, if you cannot launch msconfig at all there is an excellent replacement for it :
freeware  Start-Up 1.0
windows: 98, Me, 2000, XP
description: an innovative start-up items editor, which allows you to identify, add, edit, remove, disable or cleanup items. Download it here :
I have a feeling that there are bad sectors in ur hard disk in question. Depending on what company it is i strongly reccomend that you run the associated utility for it and check it thoroughly and fix any errors it finds. The reason that you are getting scandisk to run time after time is cause Windows much have detected a bad sector and proceeds to set the Scandisk flag to a surface scan on the next reboot and this doesnt get cleared unless the test has run itself out.

Backup ur data also just in case. If you are not really concerned and just want to get scandisk out of the way, you can download tweakui from and then install it by unzipping it to a folder and right clicking on install.inf and selecting install. Once its been installed you can go to the control panel and dbl click on the tweakui icon and go to the BOOT TAB and then select NEVER and apply it. Now Scandisk wont bother u ever. However its not a good idea and u shud perform an exhanustive check on the hard disk. Open the cabinet and find out what is the manufacturer of ur hard disk and then run the diagnostic for that hard disk. You can get the tools for ur hard disk from.:

bearpawsAuthor Commented:
I would like to thank all of you for responding and helping. I know it's been awhile since I have posted, and it turned out pretty well. I used a combination of suggestions and by the good grace of God, his computer is up and running well. I have no clue as what actual fixed it, but the point is it is working well and he will be getting a new computer with XP Pro soon!
I sincerely thank all of you! :-)
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:

Thank you.
Many thanks !
What a pleasure sharing the points with Experts like Pete and Zee !

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