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trying to pass parms using execute procedure and getting errors

I'm trying to pass the following parms using execute to my procedure and compile but when I try to run I'm getting the following errors.

What I'm doing wrong, please help.

  execute dbo.dbfind_status
  Declare @SQL varchar(2000),
          @tblCust varchar(20)
  Set @sql = 'SELECT CustomerID, CustomerName FROM ' + @tblCust
  Exec @sql

Server: Msg 201, Level 16, State 4, Procedure dbfind_status, Line 0
Procedure 'dbfind_status' expects parameter '@dbfind_cursor', which was not supplied.
Server: Msg 2812, Level 16, State 62, Line 6
Could not find stored procedure ''.

  create procedure dbo.dbfind_status
    @dbfind_cursor cursor varying output,
    @irowcnt int output,
    @itailpntr int output,
    @iheadpntr int output,
    @io_image_recnbr varchar(2000)
--    @io_tblName varchar(50),
--    @io_where varchar(200),
--    @io_orderby varchar(250)
      set nocount on
      set @irowcnt = 0
      set @itailpntr = 0
      set @iheadpntr = 0
--   DECLARE @SQL varchar(600)
--     SET @SQL = 'SELECT io_image_recnbr FROM ' + @io_tblName + @io_where + 'order by' + @io_orderby
      open @dbfind_cursor
      set @irowcnt = @@cursor_rows
      fetch last from @dbfind_cursor into @itailpntr
      fetch first from @dbfind_cursor into @iheadpntr
      close @dbfind_cursor
      deallocate @dbfind_cursor
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1 Solution
Your not providing any parameters for the stored proc

dbfind_status  parameter1, Parameter2 etc...

where Parameter1 is your input data also when executing a string you need to put it in brackets i.e.

Exec (@sql) otherwise it thinks its trying to call a stored procedure..

Hope this helps

bolicatAuthor Commented:
Please can ypu provide an example
Hi ,

Cos the first few parameters are outputs and the first is a cursor output

Declare them as

declare @MyCursor Cursor
declare @rowcnt int ,@itailpntr int, @iheadpntr int

Then call your stored proc as :

dbfind_status  @MyCursor OUT,@rowcnt OUT,@itailpntr OUT, @iheadpntr OUT, 'My Value'

The last Parameter is an input parameter so you have to provide a value for @io_image_recnbr so it would be 'My Value' where My Value is your input text , don't forget the ' ' quotes because its expecting a string.

Theres a microsoft article at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/tsqlref/ts_create_4hk5.asp  that tells you all about Stored Proc Parameters and has a few examples.

Hope this helps

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bolicatAuthor Commented:
My this really help thanks a lot

here is my execute I'm getting now error

Server: Msg 206, Level 16, State 2, Procedure dbfind_status, Line 0
Operand type clash: nvarchar is incompatible with cursor

-- Declare the variables for the return code and output parameter.
DECLARE @irowcntvar INT
DECLARE @itailpntrvar INT
DECLARE @iheadpntrvar INT
DECLARE @io_input_var varchar(2000)

-- Execute the stored procedure and specify which variables
-- are to receive the output parameter and return code values.
EXEC @ReturnCode = dbo.dbfind_status @dbfind_cursor = "'@io_input_var'",
     @irowcnt = @irowcntvar output,
     @itailpntr = @itailpntrvar output,
     @iheadpntr = @iheadpntrvar output
I think the line:

DECLARE @io_input_var varchar(2000)

should be :

DECLARE @io_input_var cursor

and your execute should be:

EXEC @ReturnCode = dbo.dbfind_status @dbfind_cursor = @io_input_var output,
     @irowcnt = @irowcntvar output,
     @itailpntr = @itailpntrvar output,
     @iheadpntr = @iheadpntrvar output

and that should work, because at the moment your trying to assign the value to a string and it should be assigned to a cursor.

A cursor is like a recordset or a table , don't forget you have to assign an input parameter for @io_image_recnbr at the end.


bolicatAuthor Commented:
thnaks a lot

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