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need to see copy of all incoming/outgoing email from multiple accts.

I have a client with 10 PCs all with POP email accts.  They have a W2K3 server domain with a mixture of XP Pro and W2K desktops running Office 2K and XP and use Outlook for email.  

- The owner wants to see all incoming and outgoing email.

I have Outlook on the users desktops set to leave a copy on the server and his PC has all accts setup on it so he currently sees all incoming email.  But I'm trying to find a way for him to see all outgoing email also.  Can Outlook be set to auto CC?  Is there a different email client that would be better?  Is adding Exchange the best solution?

  Any suggestions would be great.
1 Solution
Define one Shared Exchange User for all the mail,define 10 folders (10 inboxes ) with proper permissions for each user
David LeeCommented:
Hi jamesqns,

I don't have access to Outlook 2K or XP at the moment so I don't know if this applies to them or not.  In Outlook 2003 you can create a rule that will cc all sent messages to another address.  If that same rule was available in 2K/XP, then that might do it for you.  The downside to using a rule is that the rule can be turned off.  Another approach would be to write some code that would automatically cc every message to the boss.  Of course a savy user could probably get around that too, but it'd be more difficult to do.  The problem with using code is that you'd need to palce a copy of it on each PC.  


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