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DNS questions on setting Aging/Scavenging on all Zones

Hey guys i was wondering if i could get some info on some question i had on DNS.
Let me give you this scenario and you tell me what you think the problem is.
We have a setup IP which means when we have a new system to deploy we assign it a certain IP while it is on the Bench being loaded. For arguments sake lets say it is and the host name is newpc. After the completion we assign the permanent IP to the new system. For arguments sake again we will say it is Ok two weeks later you can ping and it will come up as pinging the correct host of newpc. However if you ping the old setup IP( with a ping -a it will show the same host name(newpc) as the machine that was being set up which is assign to IP What would cause this? Would this be a Aging/Scavenging issue?
The reason why i ask this is cause i dont have my DNS set to scavenge at all. The Tick mark is blank. I figure it must have something to do with that so what is a good standard to base the DNS Aging/ Scavenging to? What do you base your decision on? Maybe i am thinking incorrectly and it is something else that causes that kind of issue.
Thanks in advance !!
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1 Solution
you NEED scavenging to correct this issue.  Scavenging will 'see' that no computer has used the IP and will discard it after the time period you set. Since you dont have scavenging enabled there is no mechanism in place to discard the PTR record.  The only way to remove this PTR would be to remove it manually in your current setup.

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