No Such File or Directory - Solaris 8 Remote Mounting


I am trying to remote-mount the Oracle 10g Home directory for a system to correct an Oracle problem on another system.

I get the following:

# mount -F ufs dph-ap002:/dev/dsk/c1t5d1s2 /u103
mount: dph-ap002:/dev/dsk/c1t5d1s2 or /u103, no such file or directory

and also:

# mount -F ufs dph-ap002:/u03 /u103
mount: dph-ap002:/u03 or /u103, no such file or directory

I have made the target directory shareable, but with FS=nfs (share does not like ufs)

If I use FS=nfs for the mount command:
# mount -F nfs dph-ap002:/dev/dsk/c1t5d1s2 /u103
nfs mount: dph-ap002: : RPC: Program not registered
nfs mount: retrying: /u103

What should I be doing?

I have tried to find the answer to this problem, but EE will only allow me to see it if I am a premium member.  I appreciate your help.

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Is the nfs-server running on dph-ap002?
BobHBAuthor Commented:
ps -ef|grep nfs
    root   249     1  0   Feb 09 ?        0:00 /usr/lib/nfs/lockd
  daemon   250     1  0   Feb 09 ?        0:00 /usr/lib/nfs/statd
    root  5585  5468  0 12:58:28 pts/7    0:00 grep nfs

Are you running it from dph-ap002? I think you are running it from another server.
In that case, on dph-ap002 make sure that /dev/dsk/c1t5d1s2 is mounted to some mount point, say /ora1
Then share this mount point on dph-ap002, check with dfshares command to make sure it is shared.

Then come back to your server and try to mount it at local maching mountpoint /u103 using:
# mount -F nfs dph-ap002:/ora1 /u103

If /u103 already contains some data, that data won't be visible till you unmount it.


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BobHBAuthor Commented:
Before I accept the answers and award points, I'd like to say that both of you helped.  Ultimately sisiro helped more, but I also found out that my share was improperly done, and for that sisro's dfshares suggestion was totally invaluable.  Once I set that up properly, everything worked.

Thank you both!
Glad its working. Thanks for the points.
Thank you Bob.
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