ntbackup issues

1) When I try to use the restore function, I get this question mark on the folders of the backup media when I view with the restore fucntion. Sometimes, I am allowed to specify a filename location; othertimes, it says I should turn off catalogues.

2) I need to back up selected files in the System32 folder. I can make and save a selection set. The back-up is initiated at night as a job by the ntbackup scheduler. When I restore, I don't get the files! I just get all the sub-folders from system32. When I reload the selection set, it says I made invalid selections.

3) I want to make daily differential backups, and weekly normal backups. I want everything to happen automatically- without having to rename stuff. Is this possible with ntbackup?
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Jason210Author Commented:
For number 3, will this work?

1. Differential back-ups + append data: 20:00 hours, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur.
2. Normal back-up + replace data: 20:00 hours, Friday  

3. On Friday afternoon, at 15.00:

    - I delete the differential back ups. We don't need daily history.
    - I burn the Normal back-up to DVD, to save weekly history.
    - These steps could be automated, but for now I do it manually.

To restore daily detail, I take the weekly record from DVD, and then differential one I need.

One final question. When I do a differential back up, from which point in history does it start noting the differences? Is it since the last normal backup?
1. The question mark sign symbolizes that NTBackup cannot read/find/access the backup files. Normally, what you will do here is to re-catalog the backup file (.bkf). If you know where are your .bkf files are located, try to delete the Catalog files (clear the selections by right-clicking on the catalog file and click on Delete Catalog) and then re-catalog your .bkf files by Right-clicking on File and then click on Catalog file. Then browse and select the appropriate .bkf file you want to re-catalog.

2. Try to re-create the scheduled job and make sure that the right logon is used on your scheduled task. Normally, use an account with Administrator rights. Try to use NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM instead (no password) if it still does not work. Also, make sure that "Use Shadow Copy" is checked to make sure that open files are being backedup.

Taken from the Help file: Backup creates a volume shadow copy of your data to create an accurate point-in-time copy of the contents of your hard drive, including any open files or files that are being used by the system. Users can continue to access the system while the backup utility is running without risking loss of data.

3. Using NTBackup, I don't think so, but using scripts, yes, but...automatically renaming is a bit difficult. However, I don't think renaming your Differential backups is necessary since every Friday, you delete your Differential backup, which is configured to appened the existing backup file. If you want to automatically delete the file every Friday at 1500H, then create a .bat file that is similar to this:

del F:\BackupData\Differential.bkf

Then create a scheduled task to run this every Friday at 1500H. Another alternative is to configure your Monday backup job to Overwrite the backup file instead of Append.

"One final question. When I do a differential back up, from which point in history does it start noting the differences? Is it since the last normal backup?"

--- A differential backup copies files created or changed since the last normal or incremental backup. It does not mark files as having been backed up (in other words, the archive attribute is not cleared). If you are performing a combination of normal and differential backups, restoring files and folders requires that you have the last normal as well as the last differential backup.

Hope this helps.


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