Pattern Matching and pixel interpolation

*) I need a pattern matching algorithm to reliably search for common areas between images and position 2 images accordingly so that their respective common areas overlap,
and also a good interpolation algorithm for seamless integration of matching pixels between images.

Thanks and Best Regards
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Same answer as another image question.

Couldnt you use Photoshop.

Your getting very overcomplicated using Delphi just to do something which off the shelf applications can do extremely well

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SoumitrabAuthor Commented:
Err .. no .. we cant use Photoshop ... Off the shelf applications dont tell users to "Use photoshop and then bring the corrected images to our application for this n that !"
And anyways photoshop lacks this feature .
We are trying to incorporate features that are centered around the application's primary goals .. one of them is to provide the user with a one stop solution.
there is third party software that can do that, I have used FormFix, is really good, but also expensive, if you need a good professional solution go for that
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of course it provides libraries that you can use from Delphi to do all kinds of image manipulation
Hi, believe me if I could provide you with algorithms
to answer all of your 3 questions. I would rather made
that software by myself and cash the money by myself
too :)) but I can still provide you with 2 answers.
Anyway you're talking about these algos like they're the
easiest on the world but believe me those are highly
patented ones. I'll look what I can do for you :P

SoumitrabAuthor Commented:
BlackTiger :
The formfix solution isnt quite what im looking for altho it is close. I have also come across other 3rd party libs for image matching etc.

Kate :
I agree, i have had a look at those patents too. But i would love to have an expert like you provide the solution so we can ht the ground running.

Best Regards
do you need pattern matching for color images? what type of images are you processing?
SoumitrabAuthor Commented:
Yes ,, pattern matching for (minimum) 24 bit color images. The images would have common areas of overlap. Say both images have a lamp. In the 1st image it is on the right ,,, and in the second image its on the left.... so, the algorithm should identify the common pattern (lamp in this case) and give me a point value for the location of this common poattern on image 2 etc...
Here you have a good tutorial about doing panoramas with free software:

The proccess involves matching points in the shots to make them perfect fit, exactly as you need to do, and this is done by a program with source code, called autopano-shift.

You can download it with source code here:

As it states in this page, the shift algorith is patented and restrictions apply, so read it carefully!
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