Windows time services references a computer, regardless of a designated sntp server

I have a windows 2000 machine that switched from an NT based network time service (no longer functioning), to no time service.  I have set up a router to be an ntp server.  Every time I try to point the 2000 box at the router, it says it is succesfully pointed at it.  But when I try to verify the time, it uses an old NT box as its source.  Somewhere in the server it is referencing the NT box.  But where?  

net time returns machine name not router name.

I searched the registry for the machine name and ip address and couldnt find it.

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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Setting the Correct Time

Your clients can get there time from a central server by using the following command

net time /setsntp:<IP address of server>

This can be run either from a login script OR a batch file set to run at boot

*****To set the time on a central server*****

You can set your server to get its time from a public network time server using the same command you used above.

net time /setsntp:<IP address of server>

To get the address of a public time server either contact your ISP of here is a list of public access time servers

********If all that's too much Hassle*********

Set your server to atomic time using third party software

Check here. There are also some other links there you can check out
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Ill just distribute the points per person....
RebelnorthAuthor Commented:
Im not sure if the answer is correct or not just not as important any more...
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