sun ultra 80 printers

I'm trying to find out what I need to set up a printer on a ultra 80.
Don't know much about sun computers and didn't know what printers are compatible with it and also what I need to do to the sun. There doesn't look like a standard printer port. I don't know if I need a card or if I do have the right type of ports already. It doesn't look like my windows printer will work, just looking at the connections available on the back of the computer
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Correct, a networked printer would just plug into your hub or switch - although if you don't have a network you could use a crossover network cable and plug it directly into the sun's network port. But that would be a very unusual case with an expensive box like an ultrasparc.

A parallel printer would plug directly into the sun. USB printers may or may not work (assuming the sun has a usb port) as many of them are designed to work with Windows only.
I don't have any direct experience with your system, but as it's a Sparc it'll be running unix. Hence my recommendation is for a printer with built-in network card, running a page description language like PCL or PostScript - in other words, not a low-end printer. Printers without a PDL will cause a lot more trouble in getting them to work with your applications. As unix does not have device drivers like Windows or Mac, you would have to run an intermediate package like Ghostscript to drive inkjets. PostScript is the preferred language but also the most expensive.

To connect a network printer, just give it an IP address and create an LPR queue for it. The Solaris Print Manager should make that straightforward.
mitchguyAuthor Commented:
so as far as suns go, the actual printer port is still the same standard
port that I would find on a pc? Or are you saying that if the printer has a built in network card that I wouldn't connect it to the sun, but talk to it over ethernet?
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