outlook 2003...Issues with time zones in outlook calender, is there any way around it?

one of our exectutives travels all over the country and sends Outlook calender appointments (sometimes from the east coast) to several different people on the west coast (his windows time clock is east coast), but his appointments are always 3 hours later because of the time zone... (i.e. he sets and appointment for 8am east and when i receive it on the west coast it days 5am)...is there anyway to fix this? the problem is this, he sets the appointments on the east coast then travels to the west coast, thats when the time is all messed up... he thinks the meeting is at 3pm but all other attendees (on the west coast) think its at 12pm....help...
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jasonfarmerAuthor Commented:
1 more thing...he was previously located on the east coast and scheduled his calender several months ahead, how can he change all the scheduled appointments to west coast time?
Well you could add a second time zone to his Outlook Calendar for West Coast (TOOLS->OPTIONS->CALENDAR OPTIONS->TIME ZONE) so that he would clearly see the time in both the East Coast and the West Coast in his calendar when creating a meeting.  Hopefully this would be enough to remind him of the time differences (ie he would see that the meeting was scheduled to start at 5am/8am)

Unfortunately there isn't a way to automatically change Eastern Time Zone appointments to Pacific Time Zones, as you don't actually set the time zone when you make an appointmentnor are your current time zone settings taken into account, it's all saved based on GMT and then when you view it the time zone that you are in determines what you will see for the time.

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