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RedHat Linux Training Courses

I'm offering points to basically a random person as a giveaway since this is an opinion question. :) Hope you'll still take the time to read on...

I am considering taking the RedHat Linux Training courses which, as many of you know, are several thousand dollars. From people who have taken the course, I'd like to hear what you thought of it. Was it worth the money? Did the class actually make you more productive? If not, do you have an alternative recommendation for someone who is a Linux newbie to advance to the next level in a classroom environment?

RedHat guarantees their course: if you don't like it by the end of the first day, you return your materials and get a full refund. I'm just wondering if the first day they hit you with a bunch of great stuff and then the other 3 days are hum-drum material. ANY THOUGHTS would be appreciated!
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I did join the redhat training . IMHO the best way to learn linux is starting to install it on your computer with Bible beside you . YOu can always ask hundreds of questions in sites like EE and other internet resources. Believe me you get more quality answers from experts on the internet than any training institue in the World .  Dive straight into it and start learning . You hardwork is you best teacher .

    During my training days they haven't started linux from scratch .First day they started with installation and remote installation and from second day onwards they started service configurations . Luckily I was playing with linux in my home since long before so I was able to cope with it . I got the real feel of Linux only on my pc when I used to make it work for my day to day needs like documentation , playing audio/video files , presentations etc etc .
So even if you want to take a course first you get a working linux system in your house and then start a course which will be very productive cause you will have time to practise every concept . A 4 days course is more or less like a crash (crush) course :-)

Not those olden days where you have to struggle so hard to install linux . Its been really easy to get a machine installed these days . Distributions like Suse Linux and Mandrake are very nicely customized for a home user who can cooly install it on his machine and use it like a replacement windows machine .
Good luck for you .

I took the 133 system admin course, and I thought it was pretty good.  I had been using linux for 2 years previous to that, but probably would have struggled a little to pass the rhct if I hadn't taken it.  You learn little quirks and alternate ways of doing things.  Although, I might be biased positively since my company paid for it.

Hope this helps,
Although, I agree totally with surya.  You need to get a linux machine and mess around with it.  Get rid of your windows box, force yourself to learn to do everything on it.  Set up servers, don't take the easy route of copy and pasting.  Understand what you are doing... If you took the 133 class with only 3 months of experience, you'll be left behind cause they go real fast.

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connah0047Author Commented:
Thanks so much for your comments...I hope some more folks will post. Also, what I meant by me being a "newbie" is that I don't know anything compared to you gurus out there who dream in Linux. ;) I've used Linux for a few years now, setup and used Apache, BIND, qmail, php, snort, Samba, etc. But you'd be amazed the simple things I don't know. I'm just learning about regular expressions. I don't know shell scripting. All I know to install a program is rpm -i or ./configure ; make ; make install. I don't actually KNOW what any that does. I just know it works. ;) I'd like to understand what I'm doing.
>  I'd like to understand what I'm doing.
Well, RedHat training course is for RedHat Linux Administration, such as installation, configuration, service/server setup
and troubleshooting/recovery. You may not get what you want, understanding what you are doing.

It takes a lot of time to practice and study to really know what are you doing.

Since you have Linux experience, LPI training course may be more suitable for you.

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This is the way for men to learn linux.

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