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Hi Expts,
I am trying to view a sql report and am getting the following error:

The path of the item '/sales $ reports/Product$ TBR by $Sales$ Code$' is not valid. The full path must be less than 260 character long, must start with a slash; other restrictions apply. Check out the documentation for complete set of restrictions.(rsInvalidItemPath)

Any quick response is greatly appreciated
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The rsInvalidItemPath error is usually due to some invalid characters on the URL string.  By the look of your URL your using $, which cannot be used in a report path/name.

BOL Details:
This error occurs when you create or rename an item in the object hierarchy, and the name you provided does not conform to report server naming conventions. The full name of the item (including the path) cannot exceed 260 characters. Names cannot be null, consist of any empty string, or include these reserved characters:
: ? ; @ ' = + $ , \ * > < | . " : =
Do not end an item name with a backslash character.


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agbalajiAuthor Commented:
Thanks much Simon, Yea it was a problem with the Login screen; Upon checking the login credentials, it would insert '$' sign in the URL path to the report.
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