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We have a user who has been sharing her Outlook calendar for years. Over these years dozens of other users have used it for setting appointments and meetings, etc. This user is going to retire and according to policy we need to delete her account. So we wish to somehow move her calendar with all it contains to another users outlook so that people can continue using it for setting appointments and viewing appointments in years past, etc. I am not sure I explained that properly. How would we do this?
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I'm assuming you are on an Exchange Server?  You can either use the Import & Export Wizard to export the calendar to a PST file and then import the calendar into someone elses mailbox, or if you have permission to both mailboxes and are viewing them both in Outlook you can just drag and drop.  In order for drag and drop to work, on the calendar that you have been sharing, choose to VIEW the folder BY CATEGORY.  Then click one item, hit CTRL+A to highight all and drag them into the other calendar.

If you need any details about any of the steps just let me know, and include the version of Outlook you are using since the steps differ for each.
xy8088Author Commented:
We are using Outlook 2000. We use Exchange servers but I do not have access to them. I was thinking about just going to the folder list at the left of the screen, right click on and copy "Calendar" and paste it into a Personal Folder on that users drive. Copying the .PST file to another users drive and opening it with outlook. Then copying Calendar into that users Outlook Today folder list. Then I could change all the permissions so that the users who need access to it can access it. Would that work?
No, those aren't the steps but your pretty close.  The only difference in the end result I described and the one you are attempting to get is that my instructions "moved" the items whereas you are talking about "copying" the items.  

If you prefer to copy then that is easy enough.  At the point in the instructions above where you CTRL+A and drag and drop, instead CTRL+A and right click drag and drop, which will give you the option to either move or copy, just choose copy.

You can't have two different "calendar" folders on the same level in the same mailbox, which is what the steps you are describing would do.  

If you copy and paste the folder it is copying the entire folder, not just the contents of the folder which is what my steps do.  

You will recieve an error if you try to paste the actual calendar folder into Outlook Today because it already has one, and if you try to paste the calendar into the existing calendar you will actually create a subfolder under calendar called calendar, like this:

+outlook today

I think that might be confusing, plus other users would not be able to access the lower one by clicking FILE->OPEN->ANOTHER USERS FOLDER, only the default calendar folder can be opened in that manner, which is why we want to get the existing "items" into the new calendar folder.

Using the steps I provided will move the items into the existing calendar, or right click drag and dropping will copy the items into the existing calendar.

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