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1mbps BB running a bit slow.... :o\

Hey all,

I got Tiscali's £24.99/mo 1mbps Broadband, yesterday.

When I first installed it all - it was all running really fast. However, just today, it's been a bit slower (not *too* slow however).

There are 3 machines (2x desktop + 1x laptop) on the LAN - all sharing the same Internet Connection. All machines have a Symantec Firewall installed - and some AV, and AdAware.

All of which are WinXP machines.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might be? What I can do?

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4 Solutions
You can go to www.dslreports.com look for their tools and do a speed test
Try to disable your firewall temporarily.

Then ping to google. If it shows a ping higher than 100, your ISP might have some problems. You can ping google by going to "start" then choose "run". Type "cmd" and press enter. Next type "ping google.com".

If things were fast at first, and now you see a slowdown; you have got to check for spyware/adware.  The best free programs that you can trust to do that are Ad-aware SE Personal edition and Microsoft's Anti-spyware....Trendmicro also added a spyware scan to their anti-virus engine this week.  Here's some links:

Ad-aware SE Personal:

Microsoft Anti-Spyware:

TrendMicro HouseCall:
then click on the tab at the top named, "Personal"

A general meausre of download bit rate is to download any old update or program from Microsoft.com.  On a 1Mb/sec connection, you should average a download bit rate of about 200-300kb/sec in that little download window you've grown accustomed to.  I've got a 6mb/sec connection from Comcast and download stuff from Microsoft between 400-500kb/sec; not a big difference when all you download is a 10mb file.

  In the end, the speed of your browsing depends on many factors; spyware and available system resources on your own computer can be a huge factor that you must address first.  Once you are sure that your system is clean, try a uninstall/reinstall of your Norton/Symantec firewall and antivirus...when that program runs slow, a user can definitely be mislead into believeing that his/her ISP is the source of the problem.  If you have aDSL with PPPoA, make sure that your downstream noise margin is above 10dB and your downstream line occupation is below 45%.  If your internet connection is from the cable tv company, the speed you get is dependant upon the number of customers on your local loop/neighborhood.  You can also try hardcoding your DNS server's IP address from LAN->Properties->TCP/IP->then hit properties again.

If you are going to run some ping tests, you need to run the same test on, say a friend's computer who you know is much faster, write down the response times, then ping the same site from your LAN.

Good Luck, and don't forget that you can always call your ISP's tech support department, they might know something that you don't..and that something might resolve your issue within seconds.

And, definitely remove the other 2 computers from the LAN and run some more speed tests as well...if you get the same speeds on each computer while the other 2 are disconnected, then the problem probably does not lay on the LAN side of your network.
Well yes scanning for adaware and such is an excelent start. If you are connecting to the internet during peek times say from 4pm - 9pm your time and this is a cable connection you will see a slow down. There is no real fix to this problem if it happens at these times, becuse all the bandwidth is used up.  

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