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HP 5650 frozen (stalled) carriage - hardware issue

OK, experts!

You are my last resort!  I have exhausted all other suggestions in trying to "unfreeze" the ink-cartridge carriage on my HP 5650.  I have talked with HP extensively and they were not able to help me.  I've searched the web, and came up with some iteresting ideas, but none worked.

The carriage is about where it should be parked, on the right side. But when the printer is turned on or reset, the carriage wants to move but won't (or can't).  I've pressed, poked and proded it but have not been able to free it.

First, any general suggestions?
Then, how would I get the side and cover off to really get into this printer's innards?
Next, what might I look for that could cause this jam?

Any thoughts will be appreciated!

I will award the 500 points and a grade of 'A' to the suggestion that works, or split the points if no one suggestion works, but several together do.

3 Solutions
i found this :

"HP ink cartridge cradle troubleshoot."
 Well, I discovered an obscure reference in one of the hits saying that by taking the ink cartridges out of the cradle, turning the printer off, then holding the "Power On/Off" button down for 30 seconds you could "reset" the PC to factory default.
The strange thing is, the reference was for an entirely different HP model. They must use the same, basic reset format for most/all of their printers. Anyway, it worked.
From the HP internal web.

HP Deskjet 5600 or 5100 Series Printer - Removing the Print Cartridges When the Cartridge Carriage Is Stuck on the Right Side of the Printer

If it is necessary to remove the HP Inkjet cartridges, and they are stuck on the right side of the printer, follow the instructions in this document to remove and store the cartridges. This technique is only to be used to recover the print cartridges before sending the unit in for repair.

Removing the inkjet print cartridges
The following steps will release the carriage (sled) that holds the cartridges. After removing the cartridges, they should be stored properly.

Disconnect the power from the printer.
Lift the front cover access door. The cartridges will be on the right side of the printer.
Locate the service station. The service station is directly below the cartridges. Using a long narrow non-conductive object (such as a pencil or similar tool), carefully push the small rectangular piece in the lower-right corner of the service station back into the printer. The piece will go back about 2.8 inches.


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BobHBAuthor Commented:
To scrmrna:  Yes, I've tried that link, and a dozen variants for other model printers.
To nobus and Panjandrum:  I'm at work now, and the printer is at home.  Can't wait to try your suggestions though.

Thanks, and keep those suggestions coming!!!
BobHBAuthor Commented:
Oops!  I didn't mean to leave this open so long, but...

I've tried both hardware suggestions without success.  I will try Panjandrum's once again, maybe with better success.
BobHBAuthor Commented:
I am closing this question, and wish to thank all who provided suggestions.  Panjandrum's suggestion worked for freeing the Carriage, but did not solve my problem. I ended up buying a new printer :(  I will give Panjandrum points for providing this information though.

Thanks, guys!
BobHBAuthor Commented:
Thanks to Panjandrum, nobus and scrmcna for your suggestions.  I gave you each some points, and appreciate your efforts.

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