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good resources for C#


I am a SQL Server 2000 DBA for the past 4 years.
I want to learn C#, let me know some good sites for beginners.
1 Solution
This is a good site to begin:
In this below site you got links for C#,asp.net and VB.net

microsoft's developer's site...(Best)
pai_prasadAuthor Commented:
i am lost !!..
the info in the above sites is 2much 2 confuse...
does any 1 have an ebook ?
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resources listed in previous threads are really good starting points for C# developers (MSDN Library).  I've located a few e-books that might have some benefit during your learning process.


I recommend also buying a C# reference manual I have the following:

C# in a Nutshell - Drayton,Albahari and Neward
Publisher: O'Reilly
C# Essentials (2nd Edition) - Merrill, Drayton & Albahari
Publisher: O'Reilly
C# Core Language Little Black Book - Wagner
Publisher: Coriolis

Happy Learning!!

Jesse HouwingScrum Trainer | Microsoft MVP | ALM Ranger | ConsultantCommented:
I suggest:
- CodeProject (http://www.codeproject.com)
- O'Reilly C# Cookbook
- MSDN Library and MSDN Magazine
those sites don't have overly complex examples... there's just a lot to learn. i learn best by doing. so break out visual studio and start writing some sort of app. a buddy of mine used to always write a "Master Mind" game to learn new languages. this is a great way to start. that game can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. (for instance, i wrote that app for the Pocket PC a couple years ago when i got a pda. i had drag and drop for selecting the colored items, and really had a lot of fun. but, if you want, you can just use numbers in text boxes, which is much easier) then, when you run into road blocks, go to one of those sites (or www.google.com/microsoft is good), and search for a solution to your specific problem. rember... baby steps. how did you learn tsql? you didn't start by writing some massive query with transactions and triggers, etc. you probably learned by doing use pubs go select * from authors... then add some criteria, etc. so don't start trying to do advanced things at first.

here's how to get started.

launch visual studio
hit Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new project
select Windows Application in the Visual C# Projects folder
give it some sort of name
hit enter

you'll notice that visual studio does quite a bit for you. if you hit f5 and debug the thing right now, it compiles and runs without errors. what you get is a nice plain vanilla form. all with minimize, maximize, and close buttons. the title of the form is Form1 unless you've changed it.

add some labels, text boxes, and buttons. double click on a button to add an event handler. double clicking on anything in the designer adds an event handler for that control. the type of object determines the event you'll be handling. each object has numerous events you can handle, but i won't go into it now. you can add MessageBox.Show("You clicked me"); to the method, or something even MORE creative. if you want to get super crazy you can do something like this MessageBox.Show(String.Format("You clicked the '{0}' button.", ((Button) sender).Text)); watch out. that's just insane!

that one line above is equivalent to this:
         // the button that was clicked
         // we should really check to see if it is a button by adding the following if statement
         // if (sender is Button) {
         Button btn = (Button) sender;
         // the text of the button. this is what's displayed to the user
         string buttonText = btn.Text;
         // the Format method of the String objects allows one to quickly insert text into
         // a certain spot in a string. it's much easier than concatenating them all together
         string message = String.Format("You clicked the '{0}' button.", buttonText);
         // show the message to the user
         // } // sender is Button

another way to get data to the user is by changing text of a lable. if you have a label called lblMsg you can set the text by doing lblMsg.Text = "something else";

so, back in your button event handler, you can put something like.
lblMsg.Text = "you clicked the button";

here are some tutorials:

see the "Your first C# program" and "Simple MessageBox application" chapters. this might be a step in the right direction for you.

the best way for me to learn is by solving a problem. so find a problem, and solve it. i think you'll be much more successful.
pai_prasadAuthor Commented:
i like tat idea msdixon...
that's why i just got a raise! i'm now up to $7.20 per hour!!! that extra nickel i get every hour is going to pay of big time.


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