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Hi experts. Sorry if this question is either real easy. I have a server located at a co location provider and I'd like to be able to tell what bandwidth is available to the outside world. Or at least how can I measure connection speeds from remote locations. What tools and methods are used to do this sort of job. The provider mentions all sorts of high speed links to the Internet, but is there a way to test this? I have access to SSH/Web etc. on this particular server. Thank you. Cee
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It is not exactly what you ask but can do exactly what you need!  top right corner you will see speed test go make a speed test.
I like it, it is good and free.

For your remote, you can use vnc, pc anywhere, remote desktop connection or ask a user.

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Heres the one i use..i live in canada ..also works for the states
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ceewebAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the responses. What I'd like to do is be able to tell how quick the connection is from the colocation server to the Internet. For example I have a 51/512 SDSL connection at one site, so I know what to expect. How can I check this sort of thing? I hope this makes sense =) did have a pay for tool, "test your server" which I think would do it.
Naser GabajE&P Senior Software SpecialistCommented:
Did you try Mcafee speedo meter, i believe this is what you looking for,

I hope it will help you.


ceewebAuthor Commented:
If I could run that on the server it would be perfect, I only have shell access (no broswer. I could install lynx but I was hoping for a different approach) and it's running apache. Thanks for your input though. Cee
Sorry i cannot help you more.  I do not know if bandwidthplace will do it.
Here's an excellent program to do what you want:  It's called NetDoppler from WildPackets.
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