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Help me to understand me this case scenario with Vsat:

There is Building_Vsat with a Vsat dish which is connected to a satellite.

 We try to have a dedicated line from Building1 to MainBuilding. Building1 does not have Vsat dish. We want to connect Building1 to Building_Vsat in order to use its Vsat and so connect Building1 to MainBuilding

1. To connect Building1 to Building_Vsat, what do we need? Do we need a modem or a router in Building1 and in Building_Vsat? And also do we need to cable from Building1 to Building_Vsat with fiber optic cable or cupper cable to get them connected? Anything else?

2. After Building1 is connected with Building_Vsat, is it possible to use the Vsat of Building_Vsat to go out through satellite?I suppose that both buildings will share the bandwith of the Vsat.

3. Is yes, MainBuilding would be need to have a Vsat and so Building1 would be connected with MainBuilding using vsat of Building_Vsat. Is it correct?

Thank you!
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Ejaz-SiddiquiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Rosa,

Yes you can use vsat of Bilding_vsat in building, you can connect these two buildings with simple LAN Configueration ( if they are close enough). You may also for wireless connection.
It is supposed that your Server at Building_vsat is active and working properly.

i-     2LAN cards (1 for server and 2nd for computer at Building).
ii-     Cable (to have the connection b/w two buildings i.e. cat5,cat6 or stp cable)
iii-     Switches (depends on how far these buildings are)
        approximately a switch is required at every 90-120 metrs
iv-     some RJ45 connectors to connect these cables.

2-    When Buildings are connected, yes you can share bandwidth in your new network.

3-    Yes.

Best of Luck
Ejaz Siddiqui
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