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Exchange 2000 - Dirty Shutdown

Hello Experts,

We have an issue with our exchange server as every month or so it seems to shutdown for no reason.  (No telling event logs, not at same time)

The issue is when the server comes back on line we are unable to mount the stores.  Usually we restore the stores from the last backup and get it all up and running).  Today, hoiwever, the server crashed just before the next backup, ie 23 hours after the last backup.  What we want to do is repair the sotres.

We have run eseutil /mh over the stores and see they are in a dirty shutdown state.

We have also run the eseutil /r E00 option but this failed with error 1018 (JET_errReadVerifyFailure, Checksum error on a database page) after 1.0 seconds.

We are now running the eseutil /p utility and its takes ages.  It seems to have stopped at around 8% on the Repearing Damaged Tables part.  (Its been at 8% for the last 25 minutes, but system manager is showing that around 25% of the processor power is being used on this task still)

My question is are we following the right steps and ihow long should this eseutil /p take on a 6gb priv1.edb file?  If anyone can offer assistance we would appreciate it.


1 Solution
How long is a piece of string.
The length of time that it takes depends on so many factors.
Speed of machine
Speed of hard disk
Number of errors to be corrected.

You will just need to wait it out until it completes.
Otherwise it sounds like you have made the right steps it is just a matter of waiting until it completes.

GlenmoranUKAuthor Commented:
Well after 2 hours it was still stuck on 8% so in frustration I "hit" a few keys on the keyboard..  It immediatly then continued processing and stopped again at 90%.  I then repeated the same trick by tapping the space bar and it carried on and finished its task.

Once complete we ran the integrity checks, ran an offline defrag and all came up..

All apart from the bosses 1GB mailbox that is.  

In the end we had to delete the mai box and then had the job of importing his ost file..

Thats not as easy as it sounds so ended up paying 599$ for a piece of software that would allow us to do..

So its until next time I guess.

As you were the only respondant you get all the points..



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