Compare Prices on Different Alcatel Switches

I need to compare the prices on

Alcatel 7800 OmiSwitch, including the prices for the C24, Fm12, loaded Gigabit cards(with their GBIC-SX) and CMM Modules.

Alcatel 6600 - 24 Switch, including Stacking Modules and Fibre Gigabit Modules

Alcatel 6600 - 48 Switch, including Stacking Modules and Fibre Gigabit Modules

I dont want to compare 5 differnet websites who sell 7800, I want the websites that show the prices of each switch and the modules/cards you get with them.

Preferably in £ Sterling, but $ Dollars will do if you can't find any £ sites.

I'm proposing upgrading the network i'm working with, using this equiptment, but i need to know the prices of the above so i can decide what switches to use. i wont just be choosing the cheapest, i'll be looking at resilience, spares etc. i'll be making that choice though, you just need to get the websites please.

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bluebirds1984Author Commented:
any links for prices on the specific Modules??

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