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network pcmcia card connection

I have a twinhead P79 with Win98, have also 2 ethernet pcmcia cards and connectors.

I can instal either card on the system and they are in control panel - network and in device manager, showing working properly.

I only have one card in at a time.

When I connect either card to my router I cannot ping the router nor do the power or link display lights show.

Question? are both my cards dead (interface shot) as these indicators show nothing.
Or do I need to do something to jerk them into life, tcp setup is the same as on my PC which does connect and there are lights on the NIC.

Any assistance appreciated
1 Solution
it seems to be odd that both cards are dead. Have you tried a different cable between card and router?
There is also the possibility that your PCMCIA slot is not working - have you tried another card, as well as check the status in device manager?
multihullAuthor Commented:
yes I have 2 Pcmcia to rj45 cables and neither operate, the rj45 cable has been checked between desktop and router and connects ok. I agree it seems odd both are duff.

there are 2 slots in the laptop and I have tried both cards in both slots. Have not tried a different pcmcia card, though I do have a slow 14.4 modem card will try that (drivers being available.
Device manager shows both or either card as working properly, drivers show as being correct.

Does anything need "turning on" to make the pcmcia cards operate, there is no reference in bios to the pcmcia enable/disable?

If you can, try installing the cards in another laptop.  If  you get the same results toss the cards.  If they work correctly in the other laptop, remove them from device manager in your laptop, reboot without either of the cards installed, and when windows is finished booting, insert one of the cards, install the drivers and test again.  Repeat for the other card.  If neither gets an IP from your router, toss 'em.
multihullAuthor Commented:
your solution worked perfectly, one of the connectors has been tossed, but both cards work now.Don't know why but it only clicked into operation when yhe PCMCIA was put into a fired up system.

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