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Part 2 to the question in the URL :

Please go here to see the question :


Then my next part to this question is :

Will that code work with cell references that are larger then ie 1 letter and a few digits, ie cell ref # AA145 or EV364 ?? If not , then what do I need to do to alter the code so its simmiliar to that so it will work ?

Thanks and kind regards :)

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1 Solution

Will this work?

Dim temp1, temp2, temp4

x = 0
temp1 = ""
While Not IsNumeric(Right(temp1, 1))
    x = x + 1
    temp1 = Mid(txtName.ControlSource, 1, x)

x = x - 1
temp1 = Left(temp1, x)

temp2 = Val(Mid(txtName.ControlSource, x + 1)) + 1
temp4 = temp1 & temp2 'Concatenation of temp1 and temp2 to create new cell refernce to move to
txtName.ControlSource = temp4
gecko_au2003Author Commented:
I will give it a go later on, I have stuff to do today but will post back later on with regards to how it went. Thanks vinnyd79
Harisha M GCommented:
gecko I think you won't accept anything other than the one in your mind :(
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gecko_au2003Author Commented:
It works to go to the next cell reference but what would I have to do in order to make it go to previous cells ? Then you got yourself the points !!
Try to  subtract  instead of add  to temp2

temp2 = Val(Mid(txtName.ControlSource, x + 1)) - 1
gecko_au2003Author Commented:
ok thanks :)

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