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Store functions in custom types for callback later

Hypotheticly speaking, i would like to do this:

Private Type MyCustomType
   name as string
   callback as function   <--- here is my question, how to store this
End Type

Private MyFunctions(10) as MyCustomType

Private Sub DoConnect()
End Sub

Private Sub Main()
   MyFunctions(0).name = "connect"
   MyFunctions(0).callback = DoConnect

   FindFunction "connect"
End Sub

Public Sub FindFunction(sName as String)
   Dim iCounter as Integer

   For iCounter = 0 to UBound(MyFunctions)
      If sName = MyFunctions(iCounter).name then
      End If
   Next iCounter
End Sub

Now this isnt exactly what i want to do but i hope it gets the point across, Any help would be greatly appriciated
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Ralf Klatt
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