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Computers listed in MS Domain but not operating as members of the domain

A test network's domain setup appears damaged, misset or ? Our local experts have been unable to solve the problem, perhaps some one here can make sense of the problem. Go to the link below for details. Thanks.

(500 point question)

Last post in the thread:
There are funny things in this "domain business", and adding netware on top of that certainly does not make things easier.

I think you need input from real network people that will be more competent than I am.
Put a 20 points question in http://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/Microsoft_Network/ directing experts to the question here at http://www.experts-exchange.com/Databases/Mysql/Q_21330882.html
I'm sure they'll find the answer easily
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1 Solution
can you ping desktop's IP? if yes, it could be computer browser issue. this page may help, http://howtonetworking.com/browser.htm
dbworker1Author Commented:
Yes I can ping and tracert the desktop's IP
Hi Eric,

I read your original post found at http://www.experts-exchange.com/Databases/Mysql/Q_21330882.html more than once.
Just a few question regarding some networking issues. I will not focus on slow responses from MySql server but on the slow log-on procedure you mention.

First of all the easy thing. If you browse My network Places do you find in there all the computers in the test domain?(i.e the DC, the Database server and the workstations).

Check carefully for a misspelled domain name in the settings of the database server plus IP settings. (especially Subnet Mask,DNS Server and Gateway settings)

Can you please post the output of an ipconfig /all from the database server and a workstation that gets slow responses from the database server?


- Stamatis


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dbworker1Author Commented:
Hi Stamatis,

Your answer led me to solve the problem. Thanks! This quirk had been driving us nuts for over a week.

Your suggestion of listing all ipconfig /all was the key. Once all listed together I noticed that the database server had two DNS entries. The primary was correct but the secondary was pointing to the correct DNS IP of our ISP but this databse server computer cannot access the internet because its IP is blocked at the gateway router (as are all but one computers on this test network). Deleting the secondary DNS entry solved the database response problem. Not sure which process was trying to get DNS info since all references and setup in the box are via IP #, but some process is trying. There must be a way to find out.

Database query response and login to the dbutilities is now virtually instantaneous.

Please post a reply to the original question so I can assign the points to you.

I still want to find out why the net view / my network places only display the DC on all PC on this network. I'll post that here as a separate question. I also think there might be a problem with the peculiar DNS setting of this network, another question.

Thanks again,

Hi EWric,

Answer posted in original question. Thank you for the points.
Here you can find detailed information on how DNS works. http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/WindowsServ/2003/all/techref/en-us/Default.asp?url=/resources/documentation/WindowsServ/2003/all/techref/en-us/w2k3tr_dns_how.asp

If you have time, have a look, it is very explanatory.

Regarding your new question now...
Have you joined the domain for every pc ?
The may talk to each other only using IP addresses.

- Stamatis
> Have you joined the domain for every pc ?

I mean to make every pc a member of your domain.
You can do this with the following procedure :
Log on as local administrator or Domain Administrator
Right click My Computer
Go to Properties
Go to Computer Name
Click on Change
In frame Labeled "Member Of" tick the radio button "Domain" and enter the Domain name you have
Click OK
You will be asked for an authorized user name who can join computers in a domain if not logged domain admin.

- Stamatis

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