Can't get XP/SP2 ICS to work with Router used as a HUB

I can connect two computers together with a crossover Ethernet cable and use Network Wizard to setup a network/ICS  and all works but when I connect straight thru cables via a Router (used only as a HUB) I can't get the settings to work. I assumed the router would issue IP's so I  set the network connection TCP/IP to get the IP's automatically and set the Gateway on the Client to be the same as the Host IP. This still does not allow me to connect to the internet although the network works (I can view shared folders on Client to Host and in reverse).
Howt do I have to set the Network Connection Properties to enable ICS to function? I know all the harware and cables work so it's down to getting the correct settings on the Host and Client ... XP's Network Wizard will not do it for me. No Internet network connection is shown in the Client Network Connection window. I can log onto the net from the Host with no problem (a dialup connection is all I have). I can ping from Client to Host but not from client to ISP.

Settings for Client are:
Dhcp Enabled                      Yes
AutoConfiguation Enabled     Yes
IP Address                 
Subnet Mask              
Default Gateway         
DHCP Server              
DNS Server                

Settings of Host are:
Dhcp Enabled                      Yes
 AutoConfig  Enabled            Yes
IP Addr                     
Default Gateway         
DHCP Server              
DNS  Server               

Is the Router causing the problem I don't have a hub to test that possibility? Help please Mal
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Your router is giveing out ip addresses, and this can't be. You have to disable the dhcp server on the router, adn then let ICS do the dhcp serving (or use static ip's)
when using ICS these are the ip addreses you will get
for the host lan nic it will be
gateway will be blank and dns will be disabled on that NIC
then the client will have
ip 192.168.0.(2-254)
gateway will be
and dns enabled with

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see here to setup ICS correctly

see here
but you MUST trun off the dhcp server on the router, and change the default ip of it (the router) to 192.168.0.x (it must not conflict with any other ip, so I suggest setting it to
mrlAuthor Commented:
Thank you seemed easier to just use static IP addresses with the Host set to the ICS IP ( and the clients using fixed IPs with their Gateway address equal to the Host's IP.(rather than changing the router DHCP). All works properly. Thanks again Mal
Thanks, glad to help!
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