How to install network printer HP Laser jet 5


Prior to my upgrading the network to a T1 line, hence, changes in network addresses, (went from 192.168.254.xx to

we had a printer installed, an HP Laserjet 5 wiht a HP Jet Direct print servr internal. It's ip address was, since I switched all the machines over to the new router, I have no idea how to even begin to reinstall the printer and reset it's port (or just point it to the router/gateway which is acting as a DHCP server.)

I've downloaded some USer manuals of these two products, but have not been able to really figure out what's wrong with it.

Any ideas?

Server is a : Windows 2000 Server, printer is HP Laserjet 5 (old,) HP Jet Direct ( I don't know what specific model, doesn't say on it.)

Any help!
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here is a visual run through Link for you, in case the above doesn't make sense to you or is just to hard to follow:
Nice find lazarus98.  As mine, you need software for your response, so I thought i'd just add in a link for it.
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mortar, I think your link will be more usefull for him but if he's a novice it may be a bit difficult for him to follow., Not underestimating him of course, theres no way of knwoing. ;) Either way I hope he's able to get his problem fixed with these links.

Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:

The problem is fairly easy to solve.

First of all, if you've installed JetDirect on your server, go ahead and uninstall it.
Next, determine what IP address you want to assign to the printer.
Go to the printer and change its IP address following these instructions (these are from the link that mortar provided, so I can't take credit for this):

1. Press MENU, until HP MIO 1 or 2 or EIO 1 or 2 appears.
2. Press ITEM. CFG NETWORK = NO appears.
3. Press the plus or VALUE key. CFG NETWORK = YES appears.
4. Press SELECT.
5. Press ITEM repeatedly until CFG TCP/IP = NO appears.
6. Press the plus or VALUE key. CFG TCP/IP = YES appears.
7. Press SELECT.
8. Press ITEM. BOOTP = YES * appears.
9. Press the plus or VALUE key. BOOTP = NO appears.
10. Press SELECT.
11. Press ITEM. IP BYTE 1 = (value *) appears.
12. Press the plus or VALUE key, until the desired value of the first byte of the IP address appears. By pressing and holding the plus or VALUE key, the value will scroll rapidly.
13. Press SELECT to save the value.
14. Press ITEM to continue. Repeat steps 11-13 to configure the remaining bytes of the IP address.
15. Repeat steps 11-13 to configure the subnet mask bytes (SM BYTE 1=), syslog server IP address (LG BYTE 1=), default gateway (GW BYTE 1=), and timeout (TIMEOUT=).
16. Press ONLINE or GO. Print a self-test page to verify the IP settings.

Next, click go back to your server and add a new printer.  When it asks if you want to install a network or local printer, select local.  The next window asks you to either create a port or use an existing one.  Tell it to create a port and select "Standard TCP/IP Port".  In the window that pops up, enter the newly-assigned IP address of the printer and then finish the configuration, sharing it if you'd like.

After you've done this, I'd recommend that you install HP's latest and greatest Web JetAdmin and use that to manage the printer.  You can learn more about it and get it at

I recommend manually configuring the printer before downloading Web JetAdmin because sometimes (as with all previous verisons of JetAdmin), the Web JetAdmin software can have a really hard time discovering printers by MAC address.  Once you've got the IP address in there, you can fully manage the printer using this software; even to the point of changing IP addresses in the future.

(As an alternative to manually configuring the printer, you could always install Web JetAdmin on a box, change the box's IP address to match the network ID of the printer, discover it with Web JetAdmin, use WJA to change its IP address, change the IP address of the box back to the new network ID, discover the printer again with WJA and manage it from there.)


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ubers0ldatAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I've awarded you points.

One more question however, The port was recognized, I added the printer successfully, even printed a few test pages However, I believe this to be an issue with the drivers. When i print the google home page, with the logo and everthing, the only thing the printer yields is the word "images" with a small box to the left of it.

I've downloaded the HP Drivers for this device and used them, however, i'm still getting this result, does anyone know what the problem is?

Also, when using PoSTscript drivers, i get this message: Requested language not available.

Printing any website or anything yields unfathomable results, such as toner discharges, etc, I've gotten it to work flawlessly in the past, but didnt keep track of which driver i had used.

Thanks for any help!
mmm I have a feeling we got jipped, lazarus98..
Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:

mortar's right... I didn't look at what lazarus98 contributed, but I did get the step-by-step instructions for the HP console from the link mortar provided (which I credited in my Comment).  The rest of my comment was from memory (except for the HP link that I had to look up) because I've done it a hundred times.  At the very least, a point spread would be more fair.

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