Recent Slow Logon Download of XP Mandatory Profiles

This is a followup to a question I just resolved.  I have a Windows 2000 server with Windows XP users.  I have (had) DHCP and DNS running on my server and everything worked beautifully.  On Friday Comcast removed the Sun Cube that had been used to host my email and controlled the Internet connection.  Everything did not go smoothly with the switch  and by the end of the day they were insisting that DHCP and DNS come from the CISCO.  I wrote in about this earlier and the replies said that they should allow me to keep DHCP and DNS on my server -- which I agree -- but I have to make things work for the next day or so.  Since the switch my computers can talk to my server and log on through active directory, but downloading the profiles is now painfully slow.  They are mandatory profiles that have not changed in months, and I was testing with one machine at a time, so it is not the profile size or too many machines, the problems are clearly from change on Friday.   From what I have been reading, I assume that this has something to do with DNS.  The only other piece that may be relevant is that while they kept my IP address pool the same on the CISCO, they goofed and assigned the wrong subnet mask.  I finally saw this and fixed it on my server and the machines are talking.   But what do I do, can I re-enable DNS on my server -- if so, what do I add to it to make it faster.  Is there something else I can configure to get those profiles down faster from my server?
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myth0zConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Check on all computers (Server and workstations) the TCP/IP settings.
You can use ipconfig /all at a dos command promt to see their settings.
They must point to the correct DNS server.
Since  you run AD i strongly recommend to assign your DC with the roles of DNS and DHCP server.I don't know why but I am mistrustful with third party solutions for some third pary solutions on some services regarding AD.

- Stamatis


Can you please make clear what your server is running now ? DHCP, DNS, nothing, both ?
If it's not serving DNS request thent who does ? An AD with a bad DNS  server will not work correclty.

- Stamatis
fliegelmanjaAuthor Commented:
DHCP and DNS services are both turned off on my server.  The Comcast Internet CISCO router/modem provides DNS and DHCP currently.  My AD does work, just ever so slowly with ptofiles.
Thanks for your inquiry
fliegelmanjaAuthor Commented:
I solved it Monday morning -- I needed to have DNS running on my server and the DNS address had to point to my server as well as the CISCO router.  I tested on a workstation and it changed the time tremendously. Then I had the Comcast guy update the CISCO router pointers to point to my server address as well as their server address.  Once I did an ipconfig /release and then /renew or turned a machine on and off it worked.  Comcast is adamant about having DHCP on their box and it has caused me no end of trouble this week. But I think everything is now fixed.  Thanks for your help
Everything seems OK now .At least as far as I can figure out from the description of your topology.
Does the Cisco router connect any remote LAN with your LAN ? If so, then this is the reason the Comcast guys insisted to leave the DHCP role on the router. I assume they need one common DHCP server to assign addresses for more than one coputer LAN.
Furthermore, assigning your server the role of DNS server now you have a primary DNS (your server) and an alternate DNS (the router).
Of course the server runnin gDNS MUST ALWAYS point to itself.

I'm glad I could help

- Stamatis.
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