Possible Ethernet Connections


Just got a question, what type of ethernet connections are there? I know fast ethernet and regular ethernet...

not sure of the others.

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I'm not sure of what you want.  I'll answer what i think.

You have :

10baseT, 100baseT, 1000baseT, 10base2, 10base5, 10baseF, 100baseF, 100BaseTX.  I know there is also 10gb/s which i do not know but i'm certain it exist.

10/100 refers to the speed

base refers to baseband.  Baseband is only one signal in the media at a time.  (opposite like fibers can have multimode yeah!  Fiber and some usage of cable can have simultaneously many carrier at the same time or something like that!

The third, wheter a numbet or a letter refer to the media used.
T = twisted pairs
# = coax cable, 2 is thinnet coaxial cable.  Thinnet cable is like we have at home.
5 is thicknet which is a bigger diameter cable and can support more length because of better shield.

Ethernet is a standard that operate at 10Mbits/second.  It is 802.3.
Fast Ethernet is a standard that operate at 100Mbits/second.  The norm is 802.3u
Gigabit Ethernet is a standard that operate at 1000Mbits/sec.  The norm is 802.3z
10Gigabit Ethernet is a std. that operate at 10 000Mbits/sec. The IEEE norm is 802.3ae

Bonus : Almost dead, the technology 100VGanylan was the first technology to go at 100Mbits/sec.  It is not Ethernet.  It has never been massive sold.

May I have my points? ;-)

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