Cannot create share in Windows XP

I have three windows xp computers on a network, in a single windows 2000 server network, which will not let me create a share.  that is, right clicking on a folder, whether i am logged in as a local administrator, network administrator, or user with administrative rights, the "sharing" option does not appear.  the drives are formatted in ntfs.  one has service pack 1, and the others service pack 2.  i've checked the network card settings, looked for some pernicious firewall, but can find nothing.  

is it something in the server setup?  the only other pcs on this network are w2k and don't seem to have this problem.  i have the dns for the 3 PCs pointing to the server, and dns is enabled there.
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sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What about computermaster_z's suggestion of doing it locally?



will show you current shares


will share out C:\ as TEMP
The only things that I can think of that would cause that would be if the "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" is disabled or if your Server Service was hanging......but I'm not sure if that completely knocks out the sharing tab or just prevents the computer from hosting shares?
Right off - I'd ask - are these XP "Home" edition?

If so, then you'll have to reboot as the actual Administrator in order to share out folders.

Otherwise, if you're having an issue with the default Simple File Sharing, then read this:

>>Simple File Sharing is enabled by default on Windows XP Professional systems that are members of a workgroup (typically used in small networks) rather than a domain (typically used in large corporate networks).  For full details, see our article on Simple File Sharing. There are no passwords or access restrictions and, with one exception described in the article, everything that's shared is accessible by everyone on the network.  Simple File Sharing is the only type of sharing available in Windows XP Home Edition.
By disabling Simple File Sharing, you can specify an Access Control List (ACL) for each shared disk or folder.  The ACL specifies which users are allowed to have access.
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computermaster_zConnect With a Mentor Commented:
    At first,please check Microsoft Network Files and Printers Shareing in Local Connection properties.

    The second,you can share your folder through command line:net share,or net share /? to get help.

Good luck!
Hi Summon 1

Can you ping your server? and vice versa?
When you are in "My Network Place" (Network Neighborhood), can you see all the machines you are connecting?" I suggest you check all three machines.

Reinstall your Network Card Driver, and re-assign TCP/IP setup. If you have it set for a dynamic assign, you can check if this computer on the right track by go to the command prompt, and type ipconfig /all

Alternatively, you can pull out the network card and put it back in for the windows to detect (and repair) the LAN card. If you are going to do that, make sure you have disconnect the power and not to put the LAN card right next to a modem card.

Hope this will help
sumton1Author Commented:
thank you to each of you for responding.  the pcs are running xp pro.  i can connect to the internet, and can connect from the pcs to the server.  i can go into active directory users and computers and see the pcs.  if i go into my network places, entire network, microsoft windows network, domain name, some of the pcs show up.  microsoft network files and printer sharing is enabled on all pcs.  the pcs also have trouple connecting to a printer - i have to use a password to connect to the network printer (hung off the server) even tho the user is apparently logged into the domain.
Have you created any group policy that may restrict user ability from creating shares?
You can run Start->Run->RSOP.MSC
to check that...
sumton1Author Commented:
again, thank you for responding.

no policies created, and after running RSOP.MSC i could not find any policies in effect.
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