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Microsoft Newtwork liscensing. Arrrg 500 points

Have 80 users in the office
Have 50 remote users <---- remote users change from month to month ired and Fired Etc
Have 7 windows 2000 server
Have 1 Citrix server

Have 50 Citrix Licenses
Have 120 Windows 2000 user Cal
Have 50 Terminal service Cals

Is this the right amount of licenses and do i need the Terminal service cals + Windows server cals for my Citrix Users?

Am i right in the inderstanding that any user with a copy of XP post 2003 needs a Terminal service Cal to join Citrix?

PS. Dont post links to microsofts site as you need a PHD to understande them an Expalnation in Simple English please sp the rest of the world can have some light shone upon this subject.


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I agree with you on understanding Microsoft's licensee lingo.  I belive that if your remote users are connecting with W2k or higher, you do not need the terminal server cals.
Seeing as you have 7 servers and 130 users, you're probably running your server licensing in "Per Seat" mode. You'll need at least an additional 10 CALs to reach your 130 users, and then you might want to add some more: the Administrator account uses a CAL as well, and so do service and test accounts.
The Citrix licenses are okay.
The TS licenses are more complex.
a) If your Citrix server is running Server 2003, you'll need 50 TS CALs anyway. Whether you should use "Per User" or "Per Device" depends on the machines with which your remote users connect. If you give them, for example, a thin client to access your TS, "Per Device" CALs will do. If the remote users use their home PCs, it's better to get 50 "Per User" CALs.
b) If your Citrix server is running Windows 2000, there are only "Per Device" CALs available. Now, whether you need TS CALs to access the TS depends on the client OS; if the client accessing a Windows 2000 TS is running Wk2 or XP, it won't need a TS CAL. Only if it uses another OS, you'll need the proper amount of TS CALs.

You didn't want links, but here are some for the TS part anyway, maybe they help:

Terminal Services Licensing Enhancements

Terminal Services Licensing Enhancements Frequently Asked Questions

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Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Licensing
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