com pointers - check ref count

With com pointer one should match calls that increment the ref count with an equal number to decrement the ref count.  Is there a tool/setting that one can use to check that the app is actually doing that correctly?
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For a tool, you can use BoundsChecker

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Or you could use the return values of AddRef and Release.
Ah, in general, no.

     An app could keep a pointer, or copy it to another variable, and "forget" to increment the reference count.  Or it could exit a block of code and forget to decrement it.

There are tools to peek at the reference count at any time, but that just tells you what the current count is, not where the app went wrong in counting up or down.

ATL smart pointers are the best way to handle reference count. As such I have not seen any tool doing this.

_COM_SMARTPTR_TYPEDEF(IMyInterface, __uuidof(IMyInterface));

will create a IMyInterfacePtr, smart pointer for you.

I recommend using CComQIPtr, which encapsulates the call to AddRef and Release calls.

When the CComQIPtr object goes out of scope, it calls Release automatically.
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