Multimedia Audio Controller Driver Needed

I jus reinstalled windows xp to windows xp pro and i have every driver except from my Multimedia Audio Controller, ive used everest home edition and it verifys my audio device is called SiS 7012 Audio Device, and i have tried installing a driver for i have searched lots of places, my motherboard is a Gigabyte, can any one help me find a driver for my Multimedia Audio Controller, please ask for information about my computer???
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Hi rodimymum,

go to there choose AUDIO DRIVER then 7012 then XP and then GO

rodimymumAuthor Commented:
been there done that it dont work
What doesn't work? Downloading the driver or does installing it, doesn't work?
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Did you also tried the driver at
maybe it is the same, but i don't know

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Have you installed the chipset drivers for the motherboard?
rodimymumAuthor Commented:
ive tried all places
this is my computer information:

OS: Windows XP Pro
Processor: Intel Celeron 4A
Motherboard Name: GigaByte GA-8SMIL
Motherboard Chipset: SiS 651
Audio Adapter: SiS 70121 Audio Device

Can someone please help me find a driver for this, please post the link???
Try the site at
Hvaen't tried it myself, but perhaps it works

What is your problem actually?
is it onboard sound or a pci soundcard?
Thanx for the points, but why the low grade?
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