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1000's of mp3s

hello, i am looking for some help dose anyone know if there is a program or a way in windows xp i can remove 100's of mp3s, i have a server with 100 gb of mp3s some of them are the same just been copied in the past to new flolders and now i just cant tell what is where, i need a program that will remove all of the files that are the same and then place them in to one folder kinnad sorted out

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One option:  you can use Apple's iTunes (current version is 4.7.1) to achieve the results you want.  You will have to import all your mp3's into it (there are options under 'preferences' to "copy files to iTunes folder when adding to library" AND "Keep iTunes music folder organized"; if you do not want it to move your mp3's around, make sure these are NOT selected).

Once you've added the songs to the library, there is an option under 'Edit' to "Show Duplicate Songs".  It will give you a list with song name, time, artist, album, etc.  You can play songs from here, delete duplicates, etc.

A simple search in Windows sorted by filename would be quicker, but filenames for the same song might be different.
I had a similar problem and used DoubleKiller (freeware) -


It will search all the files you point to and check to see if the file size is the same and CRC is the same, and then present a list for you to check and see if indeed the same.  Nothing will work automatic however - so this will be a time-consuming chore.
JGoodenoughAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help i love this little app :)

Go to "Find" (WindowsKey-F) and Search your whole machine for "All files" whihch match


Go have coffee whilst it searches.

Now when it's finished, you'll have a single panel with all the files listed in it. As with many such list boxes, you can sort this panel by clicking on the column header.

If you sort by size, for example, you should find that any identical files come together and are easy to spot!

If you want something more automatic, you can probably find a Perl script which can check-sum each file on the system and then remove matching checksums. Restrict it to the MP3S! :-)

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