Acrobat ActiveX - Features missing

I have a program in C# that implements an Adobe Acrobat 6.0 ActiveX window.  Several features are missing such as insert pages.  Is there anyway to get these features to work?
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Wim_BlConnect With a Mentor Commented:

are you sure this control can offer these features ? If not, you may want to use something like ActivePDF. This allows you to
do virtually everything with a PDF (insert data into it, inserting pages, retreiving field data, ect...) Search Google if interested.

rajaloysiousConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what is the base object of Acrrobat you are deriving from?

I hope that...
If you read the documentation of the acrobat object, things will become clear

JArlintAuthor Commented:
Where exactly is this documentation?  I have not been able to find anything other than random examples on google.  ANd regular acrobat allows these features, but I am not sure that the activex control does or will.
JArlintAuthor Commented:
Let me redirect a little.  I also create single pdf's from post-scripts for one post-script file at a time.  If I cant get all the insert page feature could I get Distiller to create one pdf from multiple ps files?  I am using the following code to convert the post-script

pspdf = new ACRODISTXLib.PdfDistiller6Class();
pspdf.FileToPDF(OldName.ToString() ,NewName.ToString(),"");

This works, but is there a way to insert a few more ps files into it?
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