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Ghost v8.2 Corporate - Usage Error 623 Client and Server clone switches are out of sync.

Hi there,

Evaluating Ghost v8.2 Corporate and trying to dump an image of the first partition of the first drive in a system to a Ghost Multicast session with the following command line:

ghost.exe -clone,mode=pcreate,src=1:1,dst=@mcbackup -split=700 -z9

Connection to the ghostcast server/session is fine but then fails with the following error:

Usage Error 623
Client and Server clone switches are out of sync.
client = -clone,mode=PCREATE,src=1,dst=@MCBACKUP
server = -clone,mode=pcreate,src=1:1,dst=@mcbackup

So, the ghost command line is truncating part of the 'src' parameters' value from 1:1 to just 1. Imaging the whole disk with just mode=create and src=1 works fine, as does manually selecting the partition if I drop all the command line switches and go through the ghost Multicast menu with the mouse... but if I am going to be able to buy this app, I need to be able to script the backup and restore capabilities and actually have them work.

Any ideas, or has anyone heard from symantec about this as a command line parsing 'bug'?
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1 Solution
A couple things.  You could try replacing pcreate with pdump - the old, but active syntax - and see what happens:

ghost.exe -clone,MODE=pdump,SRC=1:1,DST=@MCbackup -split=700 -z9

Also, from the example on pg 167 of the Reference Guide, it appears you may be able to run the client without the MODE command entirely and it will do what the Server is telling it to do:

ghost.exe -clone,SRC=1:1,DST=@MCbackup -split=700 -z9

I can't imagine that the command is case sensitive for any reason, especially with your other sucesses, but you may want to emulate the Symantec examples - just for kicks.

Any help?

steje10Author Commented:
hi there e_sandrs, thanks for the reply but unfortunately, no dice... I had actually already tried the PDUMP legacy mode setting with the same result, and interestingly enough when NO mode is set at all (per your second suggestion) it seems that ghost.exe automatically 'implies' PDUMP as the mode - rather than the newer PCREATE. This is completely nonsensible to me as the "out of sync" parameter seems to be the SRC parm, where ghost.exe seems to be truncating 1:1 (for first drive:first partition) to just plain 1 (for all of drive 1). The reason it's so silly to me (other than by virtue of the fact that it's simply not working) is that if the SRC=1:1 value is not being recognized properly, then why would ghost.exe auto-imply PDUMP rather than say... just DUMP?

PS> I know that at first glance it might seem from the error that ghost seems to think something is wrong with either the MODE or DST parameters since they for some reason have 'BOLDED' those commandline elements, but it is most definitely not the case and there is no case sensitivity issue either... I've copied the command line parms directly from the GhostCast server window into a batch file and run it from my boot CD JUST to guard against the possibility I was typing wrong and counldn't see it. Also, if I simply run the backup using CREATE/DUMP in orde rto backup the whole first drive with SRC=1 (and set the ghostcast sessions for disk instead of partition) everything works fine as well. Seems like a pretty basic and reproduceable bug... just try running any partition specific (rather than disk based) backup to a ghost session.
Had this same error just a few minutes ago with Ghost 7.0 Corporate Edition.

The image I have is a DISK image and wanted to Ghost it only the first partition of the first drive.  We'v e got it working now, but had to first work out a couple of bugs:

1.  Used Partition Magic to set up 2 partitions on the Client, making sure the first one was ACTIVE.
2.  Set up the console for partition, but leaving the drive nr. and partition nr. blank.
3.  On the boot disk for the client, I modified the command line to the following:

-clone,mode=PLOAD,src=@MCSCHULUNG,dst=1:1 -sure

I think that since the Server did not include a Client script, that the problem with sync was overcome.  After Imaging I booted to Windows XP Pro on the client machine.  The second partition was recognized and intact, to include the partition label.

Hope this helps.

steje10Author Commented:
Hi Rick, thanks.

I believe the problem you actually encountered is a result of Ghost not liking to perform 'partition' level clone operations on an empty disk and instead wanting to operate against an existing partition layout. However what you said about leaving the disk and partition fields blank seems to do the trick as there is no GhostCast 'server' side command line in effect at that point, and the client command line rules the operation...

However, according to Symantec support you can also go the 'other' way, by specifying the disk and partition info you want the operation to process at the GhostCast server and run the ghost client using the following command line and args:

ghost.exe -ja=<sessionname>

So, the deal is... either specify the target disk/partition info from the command line or the server, but not both. Their support says there "it is not necessary to run the command line from the GhostCast Server and from the floppy disk" where 'not necessary' is also a non-commital way of saying 'won't work' :). But hey, the -ja switch is indeed in the documentation, I just wish it would have been readily referenceable based on the 623 usage error or provided by their support staff in less than 10 days.
Glad it worked for you as well.  I had a feeling it would work "both ways" but not necessarily at the same time!  I wanted to test it further, but didn't have any more time.  

Best of luck!


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