Windows 2k Active Directory PDC Play Nice with Bind 9 Linux Box

Have a win2k PDC with DNS and Linux Box with Bind.  Running MySQL on Linux box.
Configured Bind with slave zones to get data from Win2K Box and everything works ok.

Problem is when accessing MySQL from windows client pointing either and or both DNS servers, the client stays thinking for about 5 minutes before it resolves the address.

Is there a trick to getting Windows 2K DNS to play nice with Bind 9 on linux box?

I have to turn off windows 2k dns to get system running and leave the bind on its own.
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  For BIND server, you'd better use itself as first DNS querry server. Say put
in /etc/resolv.conf as the first entry.

Other Linux boxes can use W2k DNS server as primary DNS querry server.


omagarcAuthor Commented:
My server has 1 100 mbps and 2 Gigabit ports.  Using Samba to join win2k PDC.  The hosts files had different ips for different names I wanted to use but found that win2k dns was not happy with name assignment to the ports.  I believe what happened was that when I joined the linux box to the domain it used for opteron64.pulmonary.local and when I would use win2k dns I would point to the box at  Had the following defined in hosts file on linux box: dns.pulmonary.local opteron64.pulmonary.local

So... I changed the hosts file to reflect same ips numbers but  with opteron64.pulmonary.local name on all and all is well.  My linux box is receiving dns updates from windows and everything is running smooth so far.  Told linux box to listen on only and left mysql with .4 and .5 for our emr.

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