EDI - Flat File - SQL

I have a flat file that gets converted from an EDI file.  What is the best way to get this file imported into a SQL database?  

The top part is the header information and the bottom are the line items.   Thanks

"ORDER_CUSTOMER",1135,"Maltest - Test","","","","","","",""
"ORDER_VENDOR",2556,"test Inter","","","1111 Com Parkway","","LAKE","FL","33825"
"ORDER_ADDRESS","BT","Bill To","0089650630000","9","DUNS+4","MALTEST","","","P.O. BOX 4056","","DANVILLE","IL","64334"
"ORDER_ADDRESS","ST","Ship To","008965063W008","9","DUNS+4","MALTEST VERNON","","","78 LAKE TER N E","","MT. VERNON","IL","65464"
"ORDER_TERMS","ITD","02","End of Month (EOM)",60,,0.00,0,,"3","Invoice Date","","",,0.00,0.00,0.00,0.00,0.00," NET 60 ROG"
"ORDER_DATE_TIME","DTM",03/04/2005,,"002","Delivery Requested","",""
"ORDER_NOTE","CONTACT NUMBER [TE]: 867 940-9014 X2286"
"ORDER_NOTE","CONTACT NUMBER [TE]: (618) 244-9100"
"ORDER_REF_NUM","089528","VN","Vendor Order Number",""
"ITEM",0,"002","708862001202","UP","UPC Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)",1.0000,"CA",360.00,"","","","",""
"ITEM_DETAILS",0.00,0.00,0.00,0,0.00,"",0,"LENSES +150"
"ITEM_ID","708862001202","UP","UPC Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)"
"ITEM_ID","814112","IN","Buyer Item Number"
"ITEM",1,"003","708862001042","UP","UPC Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)",1.0000,"CA",360.00,"","","","",""
"ITEM_DETAILS",0.00,0.00,0.00,0,0.00,"",0,"LENSES +200"
"ITEM_ID","708862001042","UP","UPC Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)"
"ITEM_ID","814113","IN","Buyer Item Number"
"ITEM",2,"004","708862001233","UP","UPC Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)",1.0000,"CA",360.00,"","","","",""
"ITEM_DETAILS",0.00,0.00,0.00,0,0.00,"",0," LENSES +250"
"ITEM_ID","708862001233","UP","UPC Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)"
"ITEM_ID","814114","IN","Buyer Item Number"
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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
If you just want to load it into a VARCHAR() column, BULK INSERT command should be the fastest way.
cat4larryAuthor Commented:
I want to split it apart into seperate columns
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>I want to split it apart into seperate columns<<
Since there is a varying number of columns, you can place it in a temporary table with a varchar column first as Scott has suggested.  You may be able to do is a table with two columns, the first to indicate the type of record, the second the rest.  Once it is in this temporary table you can pull the relevant parts out into the final tables by parsing the delimitted fields.

The other approach you can do is import all the rows into a temporary table with 20 columns, and then query the individual record types into the final table.  Not sure if you can do this with BULK INSERT as there will be rows with missing fields, but I suspect you can, otherwise you certainly can import it in with DTS.
The easiest way to import a text file to SQL is with DTS -
you can map the file columns to the database columns and import

 Create a DTS package

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