Our web page is really corrupted...

I don't  know how to ask this, exactly.

We've been struggling with our web page!

The developer is using frontpage 2003, my server has frontpage extensions 2000
and I've installed frontpage extensions 2002 ALSO.  My server is
Windows 2000, with all latest patches and security updates.

The page is supposed to have a jpeg/gif in the middle with navigation bars
on the left.

Instead, we get a mosaic of our front page, but without the navigation bars.

Easier to see than to describe, please look at  http://www.lifeandfiresafety.com/

I don't know if it is server settings (me) or frontpage 2003 settings (my friend).

I've exhausted all my ideas, and now I come to you.

Thanks in advance!

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I don't even get an image.

I'm going to be brutally honest here -- find somebody else, preferably somebody who knows what they're doing.

This uses FP borders, and they're not done correctly. There are probably other problems too, but I didn't take long looking at the code (which is a standard FP mess).

FP isn't the most horrible thing in the world, but you MUST understand how it works and what it does and doesn't do well. You also have to understand web design/construction in general, what techniques work best, etc. etc. etc.

If you're planning on this site being anything more than just a couple of pages of graphics, you (or your friend) should take the time to learn how to construct it so that maintenance isn't going to take forever.

Otherwise, it will like many, many, many pages -- done once, forgotten forevermore, totally useless for your audience.
Hi pootwaddle,

Do you know if the image is located under the _borders folder?  It references: _borders/lafs%20logo.jpg and the image is not there.  Do you know where the lafs%20logo.jpg is?

pootwaddleAuthor Commented:
Corey -

It looks like it is in the root folder, root being relative to the web page.

I placed a copy of it in the _borders folder just now (can't hurt anything at this
stage of the game) and it didn't make any difference.

Thanks for the help!

pootwaddleAuthor Commented:
Thanks, webwoman.   I appreciate your honesty.

Your comments leads me to believe that the problem is on the FrontPage2003 (developer) side,
and not on the server side, correct?

If that is the case, then I can stop twiddling with my server and we can
focus on the real problem.

Thanks for the help!


Can you edit the HTML to possibly /images/lafs%20logo.jpg and put the image in there?  yes it does seem it is on developer side because of the coding.  


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