Urgent - Please help: Services.msc gone crazy

Hi all:
   I have the following problem in my model computer (I'll call it "X") prior to GHOSTING it around the network and I need to solve the problem ASAP.
   I did some housecleaning and added some programs (including Radmin21 server) when suddenly I couldn't "see" X from the network. I had changed the (administrative rights) user permissions to and fro and screwed that up, but put it back right, so it's not just that.
   - I tried checking the network configuration (Control Panel/Network, etc) and the icons where not there, nor could I open a new one (it's just blank). Other symptoms are:
   - I can connect to the network from X, but not vice versa.
   - The user icons changed and are both the same.
   - I can't CUT and PASTE.
   - I tried fixing from the Win XP CD, but it doesn't allow it because I installed SP2 and the CD is now "obsolete". The Win SP2 CD doen't work either quoting a services problem.
    - I tried Windows Update (X has web access), but although www.windows.com works, v5.windowsupdate.microsoft.com doesn't.
    - I get a  "**** service not initiated" error while trying different things.
    - I opened Services.msc and discovered it's gone haywire. The first (Extended) panel is blank with a large blue square and no data. The second (Standard) panel shows the services, but I can't change them at all. If I right click on them most of the options are greyed out. If I try to start a service it boinks and indicates error 1068. I can't open the Properties option.
     - Some of the MMC funtions are likewise useless.
     - I ran some Registry Cleaners, but that didn't help.
     - Because I can't CUT and PASTE I can't copy another Services.msc file.
     - Tweaked this machine for days, I don't want to reinstall Win XP unless absolutely necessary. I didn't touch the Services.msc directly to cause the problem, but something I erased/fiddled with had the same result.

     What can I DO??? I read quite a lot of the posted questions in EE and Windows.com Knowledge Base, but couldn't find specific solutions to my problem. Is there a list of the Registry keys related to the Services? Can I solve the problem there? Some programs I tried to install from the network also fail prematurely (i guess because of the services difficulties themselves).


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I really don't know where to begin w/ this one.
was this cmoputer part of a domain when it was ghosted?
How about event viewer, I'm sure there are a lot of errors in there.
Prehaps that can start narrowing it down

>>I tried fixing from the Win XP CD, but it doesn't allow it because I installed SP2 and the CD is now "obsolete".
you can still use the CD by slipstreaming SP2 with your original CD.
this site has instructions:

Slipstreaming Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2)

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once you have the new sp2 cd created you can try to run this from the command line
sfc /scannow

Its not  cure-all but it could help
Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe)
Can you try the System Restore option within Windows XP?
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You may want to boot in to Safe Mode when trying the System Restore.
XelaQlitoAuthor Commented:
mdiglio, Jeremy-Kitching:

 Thanks for your quick response. I'll try your suggestions. In the meantime I'll clear up some of your doubts to help you help me:

  - The computer was not Ghosted. It will become the model to be ghosted to the other computers in the network.
  - The computer is not part of a domain. It is in a workgroup.
  - Event viewer? I don't know how to set that up. Please advise.
  - To save space I have system restore deactivated
  - Tried "Administrator User" in Safe Mode and it didn't even start. I'll try as "Adminsitrative Rights User" in Safe Mode.
To access event viewer...
right click My Computer >> manage >> expand system tools >> expand Event viewer

Aside from that point I would like to recommend one thing.

First off...I usually do not recommend this.
But in your situation I would *** format and start over. ****

Your problem(s) are probably fixable.
But I would never feel comfortable ghosting this image to other machines and
having all machines start off with a history problem.
Its just not worth it.

Keep system restore on. Unless you are running XP on a 6 gig hard drive

XelaQlitoAuthor Commented:

  - Tried the Event Viewer: Many (>4000) error entries in 1 hour. This is more than 4/second.
  - Most popular event: 1500. The set of 4000+ entries relate to error event 1500. Previous to that the events reported are 1517 (a warning), 1000 (error), 1800, 1005, 11707,11724,11728 and 1025 (all info events).
  - Can't see the Properties of each Event. I can open the Context Menu, but the options do not respond.
  - Office apps also gone stupid (Excel says it OLE services are not available)
  - Another "feature" of my new -screwed-up- system: Can't minimize windows. If I try to minimize it just disappears. I seems the TaskBar is also acting funny. I can ALT-TAB between apps though.

   Is there a list of services vs. registry keys somewhere?

   The SFC does nothing. It runs, but it doesn't say anything after.

Trust me on this one.
You will be far better off in the long run formatting and starting over.

>>"It will become the model to be ghosted to the other computers in the network"
You do not want this computer with a history of problems to become the standard for your network
Here is the way I would approach this.
Get a fresh install of XP SP2 on your computer that you are using.
As soon as you get the 'base image' ready, ghost it.
Then start changing settings and adding programs.

If anything happens you can now go back to the base image.

If you have a lot of changes or prgrams to add on, you can also make another image along the way.

I hope this helps.

XelaQlitoAuthor Commented:
Yes, that's what I usually do. I have "the base image" to Ghost from. Unfortunately I had been doing a lot of necessary tweaking and adding programs to the model computer and was just ready to make a new image when this problem arose. What bugs me most is not knowing what originated it, because the computer was working Ok in itself as I was advancing. When all was done, I double-checked sharing the disk and discovered the network problem. Initially it seemed it was just a simple question of user permissions but as I dug deeper it got worse until the whole mess became painfuly apparent.
I do have three options right now: Option 0 (zero) is to continue hitting my head against the wall, Option 1 is to start again from that base image and option 2 is to pull a Ghost from another computer with the version I had before the tweaking started. The purpose of this question was to salvage the work I had done, but it is true that I'd be risking the whole network with a basically unsound system.    
Well we can still try to find what went wrong.
What kind of tweaking were you doing?

Were you changing any services? Not having the server service started can cause a lot of issues.
From the command line type net start server

Removing protocols ? Not having 'file and printer sharing' enabled on your connection can cause a lot of problems
XelaQlitoAuthor Commented:
I gave myself some more time on Option 0 (Hitting my head against the wall) and so far it seems to have been the right option -knock on virtual wood-. Seeing as the Services.msc app was useless, I fiddled with the Registry keys that correspond to the Services. I was kind of desperate, so I changed all the "Start" to Hex2 and all the "Type" to Hex20. This is tantamount to setting all services to Automatic and Initiated. I was expecting some mayhem and got it. The computer did not start up again until I tried the Safe Mode - Previous working configuration. It seems that must have put someting in order, because afterwards I tried repairing the Windows XP installation with the CD and this time around it worked! This was just blind luck, so I don't recommend doing this. It was a kind of Defibrillator attack on someone who would have died anyhow. If it hadn't worked, I would have formatted the drive as per your (mdiglio) suggestion.

As far as your final questions:  I wasn't tweaking as deeply as you suggest. I hadn't touched the services directly and I hadn't touched the protocols. When I say "directly" it's because I did install Radmin21 (a screen viewer) and that does install as a service. I also have DeepFreeze, but that has been there for a long time.

Thanks for your help. I'll assign the points for effort and collaboration, although I should give myself 50% of the points if I could.
I'm glad you're back on track....good job
i do not understand anything~ =.= is there a best way to repair the services.msc? im curious"
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