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FTP Short Write Error


I'm trying to ftp a large file between two SCO Unixware 8.0.0 servers and I'm receiving the following error.

ftp> get rbgroupdb1
local: rbgroupdb1 remote: rbgroupdb1
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for rbgroupdb1 (2025632768 bytes).
UX:ftp: ERROR: rbgroupdb1: short write
551 Error on input file: Broken pipe.
1073741112 bytes received in 1.3e+02 seconds (7.9e+03 Kbytes/s)

Both systems are 8.0.0 running Maintenance Pack 6 (ou800m6).  Initially I thought it was a ulimit issue and therefore issued a ulimit unlimited on the root directory.  

Any idea's ?

Thanks in advance.
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1 Solution
Do you have 2Gb free in the filesystem you're trying to write to?!  (You mentioned the root "directory...)
wayneinukAuthor Commented:
Hi tfewster,

Thanks for the quick reply.  I've double checked disk space and found I have bags of space available in root (6050634 blocks).  The file being copied across gets to a size of 1073741823 before the error.

wayneinukAuthor Commented:
Hi mtfewster,

Sorted, the area I was copying the file into /home/wayne/tmp is not part of the root filesystem and therefore was getting to 100% full.  I cannot believe I've not picked this up !!  Essentially you were correct with the above and so here's 500 points.

Thanks for your help.

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