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Migrating from PB6.5 to PB9.x or 10.x.

Posted on 2005-03-09
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
I need to find if there are any tools provided by Sybase or Third party to convert obsolete functions code into current version standards without manually changing them.

I also need to know what the major differences in Powerbuilder10.x from Powerbuilder 9.x .

Thanks in advance
Question by:srinib

Expert Comment

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Hey Srinib,
    I did an upgrade sometime ago from 6.5 to 8.0.  I just wanted to warn you about the AcceptText().   The very first problem with the upgrade I had was that every datawindow in my application now needed the accepttext() code.   Basically in the lose focus event of a datawindow you have to trigger a parent event (I created a user event in the parent) that puts the dw to accepttext mode.  If you don't, if the user changes data in a row and column and then leaves the datawindow (to say hit a save button) without changing focus in the datawindow from the data he was working on it acts like the data was never changed.  Big pain that caught me right off.  Of course shortly after I re-wrote the program using pfc's and had little problem with that.  
    Anyway about a third party program, sorry to say I have not found any that do the code changing automatically.  I have used a program from ascension labs before that helps you analyze and change the stuff but in the end after the reporting function and all, it is still manual changes.  http://www.ascensionlabs.com/pbcodeanalyzer.htm is the address for the product.  I don't use it much anymore but it was nice in the beginning.  If you go to the powerbuilder developer journal http://sys-con.com/pbdj/ they have a news article dated january 30 2005 about an upgrade to a program called pbdelta.  I have never used that one but perhaps you can check it out. The article leads you to http://www.pbdr.com/Software.htm which looks to have a suite of powerbuilder third party tools that may or may not help with your upgrade.  Also check out http://www.teamsybase.net/blogs/  for some utilities and programs that teamsybase has found useful.  
   By the way,  my upgrade caused me about a months worth of headaches.  Hope yours goes better.  Drop a comment in and tell us what program you chose and your evaluation of it.  I may need it for the upgrade to Powerbuilder 12 when that comes out.  I dread that one.  Quotes from teamsybase blogs " PowerBuilder 12 will be fully integrated into the Visual Studio .NET (2005?) environment allowing full interoperability between PowerBuilder and any other .NET language like C# and VB.NET" ... "Just like Win32 before it, the .NET framework is a platform (dare I say an operating system?) and as a new platform, it carries a price in the form of a rather steep learning curve. "  Seems like the time I get one program down i need to learn something new
Good luck on your upgrade,
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Accepted Solution

sajuks earned 300 total points
ID: 13498214
"I also need to know what the major differences in Powerbuilder10.x from Powerbuilder 9.x ."


Before migrating take time to go thru these resources:
if u r migrating to pb10  and are using pfc i'd strongly recommend using the pfc ersion which ships with pb 10 instead of migrating pb 6 pfc.


also pb10 migration assistant is one of the best tool to detect obsolete functs and give u warnings of errors.

As mentioned by  @ltd4 aboce there are a few tools which will analyze it but none whcih could do a auto repair. What i'd recommend is use the migrn asstnb and then sort out the issues as they are detected.


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