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I have a simple question which may be one of preference more than anything.  I have a remote user connecting to a Windows 2000 server box through vpn.  The remote users are extremely high maintenance as far as support goes and I am tired of driving 10 miles across town to end a process or reboot a machine.

Just wondering if there is something I should consider for remote administration other than PC Anywhere, which I am most likely going to use.  I do have terminal services running on the host.

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PCA is nice. It lets you keep all the connection info in one place to connect to several hosts and has alot of nice features.

If you want something cheap, go with

The new beta (which has been out for at least a year) has a file transfer feature too.

The problem with term services is that you can't controll their desktop. When you log in it logs them out.

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We use a combination of


Terminal Services (aka Remote Desktop)

The only snag with supporing a *client* machine as upposed to a server is you can't mix these two. If you once log in to a machine using Remote Desktop, then VNC won't work until after a reboot. :(

GOOD news is, you can set a Group Policy Object to enable Remote Desktop on all machines in the domain, and that automatically updates Windows Firewall to allow RD inwards access as well.

But to use RD you need to

- log in as Administrator - which logs the current user off
- log in as the Current User - which means you have to know their password.

Plus with RD you lock them out whilst you work, which might be useful, but it means you can't "show" them stuff.

The Remote Assistance option deals with taht better but the user has to trigger that, you can't "drill in".

VNC gets around these. You can also set VNC up with passwords which the users don't know and can't change.

ok man ....

this is what u ask for ...did u tryed REMONT ADMIN ? is fo fast on lan and I think it will solve ur problem ....but using the REMOTE disktop that windows offer is the best , and to mange alot of pc's at the same time I recomanded installing windows 2003 server in ur pc coz u will be able to open alot of disktops at the same time ...dont forrgget to enable the remote disktop in the ICF of the clints or it will never work

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