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Windows 2000 Server

  I am unable to open Active Directory Users And Computers: I.E Data is not
  availiable from Domain Controller{servername}.An Operations Error Occured.
  try again later,or choose another domain controller by selecting Connect to
  Domain Controller on the context menu.Because of this error i am unable to
  mount my Mailbox Sore and Public Folder.

  Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Solution
Is this AD 2000 or 2003?  what version of exchange are you running.....and is it on the DC?  Are you running only a single DC?
Sorry, obviously 2000 :-)....but please give the other info.
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
>>>I am unable to open Active Directory Users And Computers:

Yes.. you are unable to open due to DC SRVs not registered in DNS.

Logic: -
When you open any of the following snap-ins from administrative tools or by typing the MSC name first it will send an internal query to DNS Server for DC SRVs to retreive a list of domain controllers. If DNS is unable to gather a list or unable to repond in time it will send a nagative reponse to these tools (All the commnucations are handled by LPC=Local Procedure Call). When these tools receive negative reponse it will produce the above error.

To verify DNS registration for domain controllers using the nslookup command

1. Open Command Prompt.
2. Type:
3. After the previous command completes, at the nslookup (">") prompt type:
set q=rr_type
4. After the previous command completes, type:
5. Review the output of the previous SRV query and determine if further action is needed based on whether the previous query succeeded or failed:

Ref: -

Solutions: -

1. Run netdiag /fix from command prompt. OR
2. Manually add DC SRVs from netlogon.dns file located in \Winnt\System32\Config folder. OR
3. Run Dcdiag /fix from command prompt OR

Please follow the steps. Everything should work fine: -

1. Stop Netlogon service.
2. Open DNS Console.
3. Delete Active Directory Integrated Zone.
4. Stop and Start DNS Service.
5. Close and Re-open DNS Console.
6. Re-create DNS Zone (domain_name)
7. Start Netlogon service.
8. issue ipconfig /registerdns.

CAUTION: - Deleting Zone will delete all A records from Zone and Zone completely. All the A Records will be created when clients start next time.

Dcdiag and Netdiag are part of Support Tools.

Let me know.

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Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Sorry, this question has been answered very well. I have had a lot of experience with this - thanks!
SystmProg would have answered the question if the assumption he makes in his first line:
"Yes.. you are unable to open due to DC SRVs not registered in DNS."  is in fact the case.  There is nothing in what the questioner says to support that assumption.

No offense, Nirmal, but we really don't know if you answered the question.
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Tthere is no any such error defined in MS error database. The complete error would be this:

"Naming information can not be located.
Domain Controller for this domain could not be contacted"

And this is because DNS server doesn't have those SRV information for this domain controller. All AD Tools query DNS to find domain controllers in the domain.

Check out here:


I don't know why this thread must be closed without PAQ.


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