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I try finding solution to hiding my internal ip address on google and here, but there is no success.  Is there a program or way to hiding my INTERNAL ip address?  Or is there a way that hides my internal ip address and mask my "external?" ip address all together?

Chance 77
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Private IP addresses are always hidden from the outside world.  If you have a router that assigns private addresses, all outgoing traffic will show your external gateway address assigned by your ISP.  Of course your external IP address will be directed to your ISP, in turn who can identify who is assigned that address.
chance77Author Commented:
I have done test where the websites can identify my internal ip address, is that unsafe??
When you say internal IP address, are you referring to either 192.xxx.xxx.xxx, or 172.xxx.xxx.xxx, or 10.xxx.xxx.xxx?  Those are internal private addresses reserved for private network addressing.  Anything other are public addresses.  Which is the one you're referring?
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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
There are java applets and activeX scripts that can do this... and the always famous "your HD's contents are visible!!" scam.
You cannot HIDE your IP. That's like trying to hide you house or you mail box. How is mail supposed to get to you if you hide the mail box? If you hide your IP, there is no way for information to get back to your PC.

You can use an anonymizer service, or proxy service. Your computer will connect to one of these services, and then it will look to others like your connection is coming from an IP other than your own- which is the case, but the proxy or anonymizer service is sending the info back to you- because it knows where to send it to, because you didn't hide you ip from the anonymizer or proxy servers. So they act as you, so websites think that the anony and proxy servers are you.

you----> Proxy/Anony----> web_site
you<---- Proxy/Anony<---- web_site

and so forth. Here are some anonymizers:
chance77Author Commented:
I am referring the the 192.xxx.xxx.xxx address.  I do the tests on websites that are trust worthy, so I don't think they are scamming.  From what they say, its okay to have your external IP address exposed, but not the internal.

Websites like:

http://www.auditmypc.com/    --------------> the firewall test one
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
i think what you are referring is how to hide your internal IP address while surfing web. yes, your internal IP address might be exposed when you access the web via a proxy server, if the proxy server is not a anonymous one. with a NAT gateway (not proxy server), you wont need to worry about this.

but, anyway, whatever any kind of gateway/firewall/proxy server you have on your network, if unfortunately you have malware installed on your computer, your internal information (including your internal IP address) also may be exposed at all. it is not the issue of your internet gateway/firewall/proxy server.

so briefly speaking, 1) dont use proxy, or use those anonymous ones if needed, 2) make sure you have NO malware installed.

FYI - What is Malware:
* A generic term increasingly being used to describe any form of malicious software; eg, viruses, trojan horses, malicious active content, etc. (www.itsecurity.com/ms.htm)
* MALicious softWARE, including viruses, worms, Trojans, Denial of Service and other such attacks. Sometimes referred to as rogue programs. (www.gslis.utexas.edu/~netsec/gloss.html)

hope it helps,

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The site you mention (auditmypc) is using a java applet to find out your ip and to DISPLAY it to you. However on the serverside, they did not get this information, because if a java-applet would want to send back information to the server a security-popup would first ask for permission to do so.

The same thing could be done with activeX. In earlier versions of IE it was even possible to get the information back to the server without a question being asked. But I suppose nowadays micrsoft has closed this security risk. Can't say for sure though.

If you want to prevent it from being displayed, you would need to disable java/javascript/activeX, generally spoken any client-side-scripting, but this would mean that many usefull things also do not work anymore
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
a malware may act as an ActiveX control or Java Applet, while commonly it should be an installed software.
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
The rfc 1918 (10.x.x.x 192.168.x.x 172.16.x.x) are not publicly routable subnets. The java applet as mentioned, you've given permission to (knowingly or unknowingly) to read your machine settings. With that information, they can do nothing. Site do try to scam people who do not know better with this sort of thing. They say things like "your ip address is visible!" well duh it has to be... or "the contents of your hard drive are visible!" well just to me, cause your redirecting the explorer view to the webpage, no one else can see my HD.

Again, to "hide" your ip you'll need a proxy or anonymizer service.
i agree with rich,, with your private IP they can't do anything at all.  

FYI,,, i wouldn't put much faith in that http://www.auditmypc.com/ at all.  I just tested it from one of my servers with alot of open ports (3389 for terminal services for example) and it didn't even pick up that 3389 was even open.

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