Web page looks good in web application (dreamweaver) but when placed in browser, tables and words do not line up right?


I am using dreamweaver to build my webpage.  this is my first website.  I recently tryed to fix up my main template I am using for the majority of my site because it looked very sloppy.  

I fixed it up and tryed to preview it in a browser and the whole page gets all jumbled up even though it looks great when in the application.

I think I deleted some code that shouldn't have been deleted....I am trying to find out the problem why it is doing this.  I do not know much HTML code.  My site is www.elitesignal.com.

I think the code is all messed up but I do not know where to begin to fix it.  can you please help.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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webwomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
And I'm going to echo everybody else.

Learn HTML. Forget any effects exist. DO NOT use layers, mouseovers, Flash buttons, etc., etc., UNTIL YOU LEARN WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

Sorry for the caps, but it's important.

To carry the construction metaphor... just because you buy a power saw, drill, a bunch of hand tools and some wood, that doesn't mean you can now go build yourself a house. You need to learn HOW and WHEN to use the tools. And what tool to use.

I agree with humeniuk -- if you're serious about learning web design/development, start learning and don't depend on tools to do your work. If you're not serious, either hire somebody, find a friend who IS serious, or get a simple template.

Actually, if you're not serious, FrontPage might be a better tool for you. *I* don't like it, but it IS very easy to use for a beginner, provided you have a server that supports FP extensions.

I have moved this to the Dreamweaver Topic where I think you will have abetter chance of getting a solution.

Page Editor, Browser Issues
Do you have "view as temporary page" selected?  This will show what it actually will look like.
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humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The question I would have for you is, how serious are you about designing web pages?  If you're not very serious, I would suggest you spend a few dollars on a good template (or find a good free one - you can download them from the Macromedia site), throw in your own text and then get back to whatever it is that you are serious about.  If you ARE serious, you need to take the time to learn the craft.

I probably shouldn't rain on Dreamweaver's parade - at least in the Dreamweaver TA - but the fact is that even the best of the WYSIWYG design tools (and Dreamweaver is probably the best) has its limitations.  It has the limitation of being a useful tool, but still simply a tool.  The fact is that a good carpenter with a $5 hammer is going to do much better work than a bad carpenter with a $500 hammer, right?  If you want to use Dreamweaver, learn about web design first, then use Dreamweaver to help you, don't expect Dreamweaver to fill in for the things you don't know about HTML.

How to do this?  Learn the basics and then refine that knowledge through experience.  Here's an excellent free tool to help you: www.w3schools.com.  The site features a number of tutorials that will help you learn the basics.  Start with the Web Building tutorial (www.w3schools.com/site).  Next, do the HTML tutorial (www.w3schools.com/html).  Then XHTML (www.w3schools.com/xhtml) and CSS (www.w3schools.com/css).  This won't give you all the answers, but it will get you asking the right questions and a basis for understanding the answers.
snoldak924Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I just put your site through the w3c validator, and found a lot of mistakes.

Since there areso many problems with the site, I would suggest that you do not use that many additional features in your site.  Every thing that you add just adds to the complexity of the site, and makes it harder to debug.  First, don't use javascript quite so much.  People will not care if a button does not change colors when they mouse over it.  Also, check out a good color coordinator.  
Check out http://www.zspc.com/color/index-e.html
This site will allow you to preview how the site will look.
meth0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I've taken a look at the page's html and there's no hope of repairing it in dreamweaver. Because DW recognizes it as a template, it wont let you edit the parts of the code that are fubarred. The only way this page can be fixed is via hand coding externally of dreamweaver.
Now you've done it.  I was hoping nobody was going to use the F-word   :)
It had to happen sooner or later... ;-) and for a beginner with a FP enabled server, it can be a pretty good tool.

Provided nothing breaks, that is. Once something breaks, it's REALLY broke.
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