Visual Basic: to send packets

From what I understand the Microsoft Winsock Object interacts with TCP/IP.  How can I make a program that would send any packet imaginable with VB?
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gecko_au2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Also if you use the search button on this site ( experts exchange ) I am sure you will find PAQ's
mugman21Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Visual basic alone can not do what you need to. I would highly recommend that you use WinPcap. It's an open source packet driver, can sniff, or send custom packets. You can download it here:

The one problem with this library is the calling convections used, this library doesn't work with Visual Basic alone. However, there are several COM components out there that will bridge the library to VB. One is called PacketX which can be downloaded from here:

Using WinPCap is the only methoud I've ever seen, or used that in a reliable and stable way can send or capture packets in VB. If you don't want to use PacketX, there are several other librarys that will wrap winpcap. I've seen one on, but I can't remember what it was called. There is also another wrapper called vbpcap but I've never used it and can not testify to it's stability or ease of use.

happispiderAuthor Commented:
thanks both of you!
Your Welcome and btw Than Q for grade and points :) Glad we could help ya out :)
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