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In corelDraw 12, can a new texture be added to the existing libraries?  If so, what files type (or types) are required and what's the procedure?  Thanks,

Warren Shore
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Lobo042399Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Warren,

CorelDraw uses several types of textures. If we're talking about the fractal textures in the Texture Fill Dialog, there's no easy way to add more to those. The reason is that these are not taken from a graphics file and altered, but they are created by Draw's fractal engine using parameters set in the  C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Corel\Graphics12\User Custom Data folder. There's two files that contain that data; coreldrw.txr and  library.txr. These are numeric parameters that tell the fractal engine what to display so the only way to add more textures there would be to know about fractal programming and then to figure what each of these parameters exactly does.

The PS fills are pretty much the same. The file Program Files>Corel>Corel Graphics 12>Languages>EN>Custom Data> contains PostScript parameters for the generation of those fills.

Now, since the data for those two types of fills are not in separate files, one for each fill, but they are all combined into one or two descriptor files there would be no way to add more texture files. The only option would be to edit the existing ones and add new parameters, and to do that one would require to know a great deal of fractal and PS programming.

I'm sorry that it's not possible, it would be an interesting thing if people could create their own fills and add them to these libraries.

Good Vibes!

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